Thursday, December 20, 2007

4 Tips To Date A Gorgeous Woman

Many guys are lack confidence when it comes to dating gorgeous women. They think that so called "gorgeous women" are definitely harder to date when compared to other "normal" women. To me, they are all women. The same old dating rules still apply.

To successfully date a gorgeous woman, you need to have the right knowledge and techniques to know how to do it. Let me share with you 4 tips that you can use in your dating game:

1. Understand her. A gorgeous woman does not lack of suitors. She has most probably seen so many guys, that she thinks that no man seems special to her. Therefore, to increase your chance of success, you will need to take different actions to produce different results. You need to do what other guys are not doing.

2. Have self-belief. You must believe in yourself first before we talk about dating women. Even if you are short or broke, you CAN STILL attract gorgeous women. Are you with me? Having the right mindset first is very important when it comes to dating. If you do not believe in yourself that you can attract her and go to approach a woman, you have already lost half the battle even before you open your mouth to talk.

3. Know how to strike out a conversation with stranger. You must be confident to approach any woman and starts a conversation with her. If you lack courage, you are not going to attract anyone. When starting a conversation with a woman, do not ask her "Yes" or "No" question, as you are just giving her a chance to reject you. Instead of asking her question like "Do you like to do sports", try asking her "You seem to me like a very sporty woman. Why do you love sports so much?" Get it?

4. Create attraction. To successfully date a woman, you need to create attraction first. Attraction can be created by the way you speak to her, the way you carry yourself, the actions that you use while talking and the charisma in you. To make a gorgeous woman falls for you, you MUST create attraction. If you are able to speak well and make her enjoy your company, you have already won half the battle.

One thing to note is that many men feel intimidated by beautiful women. If you want to succeed in dating them, you MUST NOT feel intimidated. Take control of the situation and distinguished yourself from most other guys out there. The key is to be DIFFERENT.

You can date the most gorgeous woman not even in your wildest dream, as long as you know how to approach her and create attraction...

Monday, December 17, 2007

4 Sure-Fire Tips to Seduce Women...

To seduce women successfully, men need to work on 4 things. I am going to share with you 4 tips to successfully seduce women; even you think that they are out of your league.

1. Have a positive mindset. This is the most important thing that you must work on if you really want to successfully seduce women. Before you hit the bar and start honing your seduction skill, if you do not have the belief that you can make it, you will not be able to pull it off.

2. Think less, action counts. Do not spend your time wondering whether you will be able to get the girl, or thinking of what lines and tactics you should use on her. All these without the action of really approaching her and talk, there will be no result at all. Therefore, just pick up your courage and approach her now.

3. Carry yourself well. Speak confidently and with composure. Women like men who are confident. By maintaining your composure, you show her that you are not intimidated by her or any circumstances at all.

4. Make use of body language. Body language is one of the greatest ways to create attraction. Maintain constant eye contacts and some minor physical contact will help too.

The above are just 4 simple tips that you can work on so as to improve your seduction skill. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a positive mindset first before you approach any woman.

Try it out, before you approach any woman in the future, just tell yourself that you will succeed and she will feel attracted to you. You will be able to see the differences a positive mindset can bring to your seduction game.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sex Tips – What are the Best Times to Have Sex?

Sex is a wonderful thing and you should not restrict yourself to only having sex at a particular time or day. It should come naturally and passionately no matter it is at night or in the early morning.

Frankly speaking, there is no best time to have sex, every time and places that you can think of can be used for having sex. Let me just share with you some of the times of a day that you can initiate sex with your partner:

1. Early in the morning. When you have just gotten out of bed, try to initiate sex with your partner. It will be very energizing and fulfilling to kick off a brand new day by having a passionate sex with your partner.

2. When your partner is bathing. Sneak into the bathroom and surprise her. Cuddle her from the back and start planting soft kisses on her neck. It can even act as foreplay before the real thing kick starts in the bed.

3. When the both of you are tired after work. This is one of the most neglected times to have sex. People always think that they are just too tired to have a quickie whatsoever. But in reality, they are only limiting their minds by thinking that they are too tired. Do not limit your mind, go out and try it. Sex can help you to relax after a day of hard work.

4. When both of you are in a car.
This work best if you are going to drive for a few hours, for example driving between countries or states. Stop between journey and drive to a deserted area. Have a good quickie to release the tension and make you more refreshing to drive later on.

Just bear in mind that having sex with your partner is always a good thing. Do not take it for granted. Treasure anytime that you can get to be intimate with your partner, and you will not be neglecting your partner anymore.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Seduce the Woman That You Really Want?

To seduce the woman that you really want, you will need to have a certain charisma and attitude towards women. Before you can seduce a woman, she must feel a certain attraction to you first.

Women are attracted to men who have the following traits in them:

1. Women are attracted to men with charisma. A man who is reserved and calm will display a very irresistible charisma to a woman. When you are talking to a woman, do not feel nervous. Speak slowly and clearly to show that you are in control.

2. Women are attracted to men with confidence. A man who is confident in himself is very attractive to women. A woman will want her man to believe in himself and has the confidence and ability to deal with any adversary in life if arises.

3. Women are attracted to men who stand out from the rest. A gorgeous woman will have a lot of men pursuing her. Therefore if you do what other men always do, you will be the same as them, and she will not find you any special.

4. Women are attracted to men who smile. When you walk into a crowded area like a bar or a room, come in confidently with a smile on your face. You will be surprised that a chuckle will make you very desirable to women.

Once you have made a woman attracted to you, you have seduced her by at least 60% already. With couples of seducing tips using body languages, you will be able to seduce the woman that you really want.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Start A Conversation With Any Girl With These 4 Simple Tips

Always remember one thing... if you want to start a successful conversation with a girl, DO NOT use pick up lines... she will find it very stupid and unoriginal.

Girls expect something more clever from you, if she is to agree to give you her phone number or go out on a date with you. They want something more original from you. Therefore, if you still wish to stand a chance in asking her out for future dates, approach her in a more natural and real manner.

Let us now discuss 4 simple tips that you can use to start a conversation with any girl:

1. Be observant of the surroundings. For example, pay attention on what she wears and hold, and study the surroundings of the place. This will give you more ideas on what to talk about later on when you approach her.

2. Pick up your courage and just do it. Do not procrastinate and consider, as this will eventually cause you to either miss the opportunity or psych yourself out. Therefore the key here is to act fast, pick up your courage and go. Do not be afraid of rejection.

3. Do not ask her a "Yes" or "No" question. Let say that you ask her a question as followed: "Do you love to play sports?" You are basically giving her a chance to give you a one-word answer "NO!". Conversation ends. Period. Instead of asking her questions like this, ask her something like "You look very sporty, what makes you like doing sports so much?". Do you see the difference here? The second example will enable the both of you to lead the conversation further.

4. Adopt a confident mindset. If you are not confident about yourself and are thinking of all sorts of negative thoughts even before you approach her, you are doom for rejection... Think positively, and trust yourself more.

To start a conversation with a girl is NOT as hard as you imagine. As long as you don't screw things up, you will be able to make the conversation flows smoothly.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanks-Giving Day...

Hope you guys have enjoyed a wonderful thanks-giving day!! It is really nice to see everyone counting their blessings and giving thanks to the creator of the world.

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Lets look forward to Christmas!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is Fellatio?

Today, let us discuss something about sexuality... So do you know what is fellatio?

Fellatio is An Experience Every Man Wants... It it the proper term for blow job, or oral sex for men.

Many men feel that fellatio is the cornerstone of a great sexual relationship. Many women do not know that many men actually prefer fellatio to intercourse. So let us explore just why fellatio is such as blissful and fantastic experience for many men.

A man’s penis has is very sensitive part of a human body. It has thousands of nerve endings, with specific areas that are more sensitive to others. When a man penis is wrapped in a hot and warm mouth during fellatio, we can compare fellatio to intercourse.

When the penis is surrounded and enveloped by a warm wet mouth, it just triggers fantastic orgasmic experiences. During fellatio, a man receives suction from his partner’s mouth as well. Whether the suction is light or deep, it draws blood to the head of a man’s penis, where majority of the nerve endings are.

This increased blood flow to the head of his penis will create sensation that will make a man grasping for air. That is not all. During fellatio, tongue techniques are usually being used by the woman. A variety of tongue techniques at the right place will bring him to orgasms quickly and more powerful than you ever thought imaginable.

During fellatio, the woman should look up to the man to turn him on completely. Men are visual creatures. While women need to be emotionally turned on before they become physically turned on, men can easily get turned on from visual experience. The sight of the woman going down in between his legs and performing fellatio will definitely give him most sensation pleasure that he will ever get.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

5 Hot Tips On How to Be Irresistible to Women

At some point of our lives as men, we will be thinking about how we can be irresistible to women. But most of the times, we do not want to seek for the answers as our men egos emerge and kill off any chances for us to triumph in the dating game.

If you have just 5 minutes to spare, I am going to share with you 5 hot tips that you can make yourself irresistible to women:

Hot Tip #1: Hang out with beautiful chicks. Women love competition, and will see a guy with lots of women around him as an attractive man. It also shows that you are not a needy person who always needs to depend on one woman.

Hot Tip #2: Have eye contact. By looking into her eyes while you are out with her, it shows that you are a very confident man. She will also get the hint that you are interested in her and women just love it when men look into their eyes.

Hot Tip #3: Bad boy. Like it or not, the bad boy still rules. Most women will fall victims to bad boys as they feel that being around with bad boys are very exciting and believe that one day they can change them for good.

Hot Tip #4: Provide a listening ear. Women always want men to listen to them when they have problems. By just sitting down and listen to her whining instead of providing solutions to her, you are doing her a very big favor.

Hot Tip #5: Find out what are her interests. Women love to talk, therefore you must know how to get her to talk about what she is crazy about. Make her feel that the both of can really get along very well.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Do You Know Whether Is It Lust or Love?

Many people are confused between lust and love. A relationship which is built solely on lust only will not last long. When choosing the right mate for your relationship, physical attraction is not the most important factor that you need to consider.

Love and lust are easily confused because they are so much alike. Couples, who are in a relationship, where they do not share common interest at all other than an overwhelming physical desire for one another, may be just lust.

If a couple does not enjoy one another company unless they are having sex, it may also be lust after all. True love does consist more than all these things.

A couple who is truly in love will not care about the activity they are having, because they simply enjoy each other company. They share common interest and have similar ethics and morals. They will find it easy to talk to one another about anything under the sun and are able to discuss any conflicts openly without losing their tempers.

Most long-term relationships are built on a strong friendship which turns into love over a period of time. Sex is not the main driving force behind a long lasting relationship, although having it just makes the whole deal sweeter.

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself, be it whether you are a man or woman, to determine whether your feeling towards the other person is actually love or just lust. Read them slowly and answer each one of them truthfully:

1. Do you share common interests, moral and ethics?

2. Do you really care for his or her safety and happiness?

3. When in a conflict, are you able to talk to the other person in a very open, calm, and frank discussion, without losing your temper?

4. Can you talk to him or her about anything under the sun? Or is it just always sweet talk and things about sex?

5. Do you enjoy each other company, regardless of the activity?

6. Are you able to accept the other person when he or she is not at his or her best physical condition or appearance?

7. Are you willing to spend time with the other person even without having sex?

8. Do you have a mutual respect for the other person?

These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself to solve the dilemma in you. Lust and love is just separated by a very thin line. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to tell the difference in order to save you from wasting your time perusing a relationship that is destined to fail.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Is Cunnilingus?

What is cunnilingus? Cunnilingus is oral sex for women. It is the most preferred sexual activity by women, even better than traditional sexual intercourse. Cunnilingus is where the man goes down on a woman and performs oral sex, with all the different tongue techniques and positions.

Women love cunnilingus, both physically and emotionally. From cunnilingus, women can achieve maximum stimulation to her clitoris, which is a very sensitive part of a woman’s vulva. In a woman’s clitoris, there are more than 8,000 nerve endings and this explains why a woman clitoris is so sensitive to any touches or lickings.

On the emotional side, when a woman is receiving cunnilingus from her man, she is the center of attention. For a man to go down on her, she will also feel that she is being loved when she sees that her man does not think that it is degrading for him.

To give your woman a mind-blowing and unforgettable night, you will need to give her cunnilingus before you enter her. A good cunnilingus can make her to achieve unbelievable pleasurable orgasms and you have not even entered her!

There is a research that shows that 81% of women regularly receive orgasms from cunnilingus when compared to only a mere 25% from vaginal penetration. This simply shows that ALL men need to know how to perform cunnilingus if they want to please their women.

By going down on her and make it the main event of the night, you will ultimately strengthen your relationship with your lover and get closer with her than you ever were before.

Do you want to become her ultimate lover? Then you need to demonstrate that you really understand how to perform a good cunnilingus on her and drive her wild.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

4 Tips On Overcoming Shyness On Your First Date With Your Girl

If you want to stand a chance to establish a good impression in the eyes of the girl that you are dating, you will need to successfully overcome shyness on your first date.

You will not want to think that you are just a small timid boy, as this will greatly destroy any of your chance to successfully make her your girlfriend. Therefore, overcoming shyness should be your top priority before you go on your date with her.

Usually the fear that you feel when shyness hits you is usually much worse than what you will expect in the reality. Shyness is not real at all, and there is nothing that you should be afraid of. Why are you afraid to meet a girl? It is nothing near life and death...

To overcome shyness on your first date, you will need to confront your fear directly:

1. Dress up yourself. When you feel that you look good before a date, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will tend to talk more confidently and show that you are in control.

2. Choose to eliminate any negative thoughts. For once, tell yourself that you will only think of the positives. Throw all negatives thoughts, fears, and rejections out of the window. Approach your first date with absolute confidence and optimism.

3. Plan for your very first date. Before the first date, make sure that you do the necessary preparation. Find out as much as possible about what she likes, what are her hobbies, what is her lifestyle, etc. With all these information, you will be able to come out with topics to talk about during the date so as to eliminate any awkwardness of silence.

4. Give yourself more respect. You will need to love and respect yourself more. There is nothing wrong about feeling shy in dating, and it does not mean that you are inferior in anyway. Combat your fear of shyness and overcome it.

By overcoming your shyness on your first date, she will see you as a man who is confident, composed, and able to take the lead. All these elements will create the attraction that is necessary for her to fall for you.

You can get more tips and resources on how you can overcome your shyness from the website below:

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 Common Mistakes Men Make In Dating

When approaching women, men need to bear a few points in mind so as not to make the common mistakes that other guys tend to make. So let us just discuss the top 5 common mistakes men make when approaching a woman:

1. Approaching without a plan. If you never plan, you are planning to fail. Although you can always improvise on the spot, but by having a plan, it will always increase your chances of coming across as a person she might consider dating.

2. Lie to women. When a man does not give enough respect and credit to a woman, he is going to fail. Most men think that they can fool a woman into giving them their number. Listen, women know that you are trying to pick them up, so do not beat around the bush. Be direct and let them know exactly what you want.

3. Forgetting about her comfort zone. It is important for you to realize that most women will be on their guard when you first approach them. This is normal, and therefore it is extremely important for you to come across as a harmless guy. Being a little humorous always help.

4. Acting like a pervert. Do not just stare at her boobs when you just got to meet a woman, it will only bring across to her that you are a pervert. Instead, lock your eyes into hers while talking to her, it shows that you respect her and are interested to know her more.

5. Do not be an irresponsible man. In reality, men are very bad to women. There is always a heavy price to pay for breaking a heart. When you are faithful to a woman, you will reap the rewards in the long run.

Hope that you do not make these common mistakes that most men make. By bearing these 5 points in mind, you will be able to increase your likelihood of succeeding in getting women to be in relationships with you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Is Body Language So Important in Dating?

Body language does really play a very important role when you are dating women, because majority of human communication is non-verbal. Your body language reveals a lot about your personality, and what exactly you are communicating to women.

By judging a person body language, you will have a glimpse of an idea whether he or she has just broken up with their loves one, or have just gotten into a relationship that he or she wants.

Therefore when it comes to dating, men should pay a lot of attention of what they are communicating to women non-verbally, that is through their body language. Communication non-verbally can happen very subtlety, and that is why you must really know what body language consists of so that you will not give out the wrong body language signal:

1. Your face. Relax your facial muscles and never ever tense your jaw.

2. Your voice. Speak in a calm, slow and confident manner. Do not strain your voice, or try to put up some funny accent.

3. The placement of your body. Try to take up more space by spreading your legs and arms.

4. Your shoulders. Do not raise your shoulders unnecessarily as it will imply to the woman that you are a very nervous person. Keep them relax at all times.

5. Your overall body movement. Do not make it seems that you are rushing for time. Move through the world doing what you want, and assume that others will follow.

If your body language does not match what you say, you will not succeed with women. If you are excited about something that a woman says, show it with the right body language. If you show it by slumping over and folding your arms, then you will come across very fake.

With the right body language and mindset, it means you will be comfortable and enjoying yourself... with the woman, and succeed in the dating game...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mistakes That Many Guys Make When Trying to Get Their Ex-Girlfriends Back...

Breakup is always hard to endure, as unhappiness, sadness and hatred will emerge and affect both parties.

Going through a relationship breakup is never an easy thing, especially if you are not the one who initials the break-up. During this period of time, you will feel very low and will tend to look for rebounds. But there are also common cases whereby you will want to get her back to your life.

Many times, guys make these mistakes which destroy any chance of them getting back their ex-girlfriends. You must know that when you are trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, you are ruled by emotions and not logics.

Firstly, do not just go up to her and tell her that you miss her or you really need her in your life. This will show that you are a very needy guy and will do you no good at all. It will probably make her thinks that she has made the right choice in leaving you.

What you need to do here is to make space for her to think about it. Hint her subtlety that maybe the both of you have ended too soon. You can also create “opportunity” to let her recall back the good times when both of you were together.
The key here is to let her remember the good times rather than the bad times. Humans are weird creatures; we do not tend to remember the good times and always have the bad memories floating around in our minds. If you really want to stand a chance of getting her back, you must let her recall more good times than bad times.

You can also be caring towards her but do not come across as needy. Slowly establish contact from emails and text messages, to phone calls and outings. At the same time, you should also start to socialize more and not put all your eggs into one basket. Get yourself out of the house and not ponder for hours if she does not replay your text message or reject you for an outing.

Sometimes, things cannot be forced. Try your best and let destiny decides the rest.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All About Cunnilingus... The Secret to Send Your Woman to Orgasms Heaven

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Women Play Hard To Get – Part 3

The woman that you have interest in may have a bad history or experience with men.

She can either have been hurt badly in her past relationships or she may have seen how her friends have been cheated on.

She may also have seen how men boost about their capabilities in getting women on bed and ditching them right after that.

Therefore it is natural that before she commits into a relationship with you, she will want to know if you are trustworthy so that she will not get hurt.

In this case, her distrust in men will urge her to have the idea of playing hard to get with you.

A woman who has gone through such bad times and experiences in relationship tends to hold back more than anyone else. She may be trying her very best to overcome her own insecurity and fear by testing your intentions or commitment in this courtship.

Only when all her fears and doubts are gone, she will then be able to face and start a future relationship with you. Therefore what you need to do is to assist her in getting over her past and look forward for a new relationship with you.

But in some cases, women will have the mentality of leading men on even though they do not like them. Therefore there will be a possibility of her venting her anger out on you as she plots her revenge on guys. This type of girl is the scariest, and is best that you leave her alone and go look for some other normal ladies out there.

To be continued...

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Women Play Hard To Get – Part 2

If you are able to get something very easily, do you think you will treasure it more than something that you have spent so much effort and time that you finally get it?

When you were a kid, did you really cherish the things that you could easily get from your daddy? Or would you cherish something that you had spent time to strive for?

In relationship, this theory applies... Women want guys to cherish them more... They do not want to be seen as "easy targets".

Just imagine that you are so good that all women always say "Yes" to you. But one day, you met a girl who is so confident about herself and reject you straight in your face...

Do you feel that it’s a challenge and therefore raises your adrenalin of wanting this special lady 10 TIMES more badly than anyone else?

If she just sleeps with you after one night, and returns all your calls and texts every time, you will lose the interest in her as you know that the hunt is over.

Sometimes, a woman just wants to make you more aware of her emotional side. You have to "WORK" more for her affections as it is human nature to cherish something that you have worked for than just something you can get off the shelf.

Always remember that women are considered the most emotional creatures in this world! So satisfy their craving for emotional security.

She might also not want to let you have the feeling of taking her for granted if she says yes to you too early in the courtship. Let me illustrate why this is so.
From a simple survey that I have conducted between 10 guys, 8 of them said that they will not cherish their girlfriends if they are too easy to get.

Now do you know why she feels insecure if she agrees to be your girlfriend too early in the courtship?

To be continued…

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Skyrocket Your Success With Women Now

If just by doing 2 things and you can skyrocket your success with women, will you do them? Any man can enjoy success with women by knowing how to do it. Let me just share with you what are the 2 most important things that you need to do first:

1. Do not let your life revolve around one woman. This is one the most important advices that you must take note of if you really want to enjoy success with women. When you allow your life to revolve around one woman, you have subtlety turn into a very needy man.

A needy man is not attractive at all, and he only irritates and frustrates women even more. By being needy, you will cling to old relationship that is impossible to carry on. In this case, you are limiting yourself many chances of meeting more wonderful women out there.

2. You need to be in control. Beautiful women get approached by tons of men everyday, and majority of the men “worship” them. If you seriously want to enjoy success with women, you will need to act the opposite. Show women that you are in control, and are not being intimidated by their beauty at all. By behaving in this manner, you stand out from the rest of the guys and will be able to capture their attentions and interests.

When a beautiful and highly sought after women meets a man like you, who do not seem to be intimidated by her beauty, what do you think she will feel? She views you as a challenge, and will thus start to try and seduce you.

Remember not to accept their demands easily. By showing her that you are in control and have an exciting social life, you have already position yourself as an irresistible man to majority of the women.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Different Kinds of Embraces in Kama Sutra To Turn Your Love On...

There are different sexual positions and techniques in Kama Sutra that you can try out with your lover. The Kama Sutra manual is a well documented guide for couples who need to seek out new positions and techniques for lovemaking.

In Kama Sutra, there are different ways a couple can embrace so as to maximize the penetration and sexual fulfillment during intercourse.

Let us talk about the types of embraces when you and your lover are in a standing sexual position...

1. The woman clings to the man as a creeper twines round a tree, bends his head down to hers with the desire of kissing him, embraces him, and looks lovingly towards him, it is called the “twining of a creeper”.

2. The woman places one of her feet on the foot of her lover, and the other on one of his thighs, passes one of her arms round his back, and the other on his shoulders, makes slightly the sounds of singing and cooing, and wishes, as it were, to climb up him in order to have a kiss, it is called an embrace like the 'climbing of a tree'.

Now let goes to the types of embraces to adopt when you and your lover are lying down:

1. The man presses the jaghana or middle part of the woman's body against his own, and mounts upon her to practice, either scratching with the nail or finger, or biting, or striking, or kissing, the hair of the woman being loose and flowing, it is called the “embrace of the jaghana”.

2. One of two lovers presses forcibly one or both of the thighs of the other between his or her own, it is called the “embrace of thighs”

3. Either of the lovers touches the mouth, the eyes and the forehead of the other with his or her owns, it is called the “embrace of the forehead”.

These are just some of the embraces in the Kama Sutra manual that you can use in the bedroom to enhance the intimacy with your lover.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Lovemaking Tips...

Intimate and passionate lovemaking is extremely essential in a relationship... it helps maintain the sparks and fire between a couple, and satisfy each other sexual desires. But there is an alarming rate of couples complaining that their sex lives have became nothing near of exciting and passionate activities, but just plain boring routines.

Why is this so? There are many factors behind it, such as stress, work, financial worries, fitness, injuries, etc. Although these are part and parcel of life, you can actually spice up your sex life once again with simple tips that I am going to share with you.

1. Have a prolonged and interesting foreplay. Foreplay creates the sexual anticipation and desire for great sex. Instead of just plain kissing and caressing, you can be creative her by introducing sex games and role playing scenarios to make your foreplay more interesting.

2. Do not be embarrassed to try out new stuffs. One of the biggest lovemaking mistakes couples make is to feeling scared to ask about trying new things. Lovemaking will get dull over the years, which make is more important for you to seek out new things and ways that bring variety to your passionate play that aren't crude or dangerous.

There are still a lot of different ways that you can use to spice up your sex life, for examples:

1. A way to make a woman feel more comfortable in the nude with the lights on...

2. The single best color to intensify orgasms, and it is not red...

3. Two types of foods that give guys stronger erections...

4. A unique way to use perfume and colognes that can get your partner in the mood faster...

and many more...

Is your boring and routine sex life affecting your relationship with your lover? You need to deal with it fast before it is too late... Spice Up Your Sex Life Today!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mastering The Art of Seduction With My Tips

One of the most important thing that you must do first if you want to master the art of seduction, is to work on yourself first. What do I mean by work on yourself? You need to have a positive and strong mindset to take on any rejections that you will be facing...

All right, let me just break down the tips for you so that you can get a glimpse of what is needed to mastering the art of seduction:

1. Have a positive mindset. A positive man shows confidence, and it is one of the best ways to attract women. With a positive mindset, you will also not allow any negative thoughts from stopping you to achieve consistent success with women. Break your mental barrier now!

2. Always be willing to learn. Learn all the skills and techniques that you can get your hands on. Research on the internet for tips on seduction, or invest in seduction books to give you more ideas on the art of seduction.

3. Treat rejections lightly. In the art of seduction, one of the most important skills that you need to have is to always overcome rejections. Rejections will happen, and it is no big deal about it. Just move on and approach other women.

4. Do your homework. You will need to have a plan before you start to seduce any women. If you do not plan, you are bound to fail.

5. Be persistent and consistent. To master the art of seduction, you will need to always try and practice your seduction techniques and skills. Pubs, shopping centres, and library are just couples of places which are good for training.

Believe in yourself that you can seduce any woman that you want, if you are willing to learn how to do it. Your success with women is in your hands.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lets Talk About Mind Blowing Sex Tonight...

This post is going to be something uncommon is this blog, where we will discuss about sex here.

As men, one of out greatest achievements is to satisfy our women in bed, making them achieve powerful and mind blowing orgasms. But do you know that to make women achieve orgasms, is not so much about the love making skills and techniques? It is something else that we are not aware of...

There is a research which shows that more than 81% of women regularly achieve orgasms from Cunnilingus (do you know what is it?), when compared to only a mere 25% of them from traditional penetration.

So what is Cunnilingus? For the sake of those who dosen't know, let me explain here.. Cunnilingus is the art of oral sex on women, whereby men go down on their women and provide oral sex for their lovers.

Cunnilingus is not about licking and sucking a woman's vulva, it is more than that. A woman's clitoris consists of more than 8,000 nerve endings, which make it the most sensitive part of a human body. With something that sensitive, you gotta make sure that you know what you are doing before you go poking around and causing pain to your lover!

Cunnilingus is one of the most overlooked technique during sex by men. But it is what every women craves for... You got to master the art of it so that you will not lose out on a sure-fire technique to make your woman orgasm.

You will not regret it, and she will love you for learning the art of cunnilingus. You can read more about Cunnilingus from my Squidoo lens below:

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Over Possessives Kills a Relationship

One of the best dating advices that I can give to you if you are currently in a relationship, is to not be overly possessive. By being over possessive is not just only restricting your lover from meeting or having close contact with any opposite sex, it also involves taking the freedom of life away from your lover.

I have seen a woman who can just find excuses to quarrel with her boyfriend just because he is late for home. It is absolutely rubbish. It does not make sense at all, by giving an adult a time to be home. An adult has his or her own right to do whatever he or she wants, and take any responsibility of it.

There are also other kinds of over possessiveness. A party clings to another party so closely whereby wherever the other party goes; he or she will want to follow, if not a quarrel will occur.

Get alive. Although you are in a relationship, you will still need to respect the freedom of your lover. It will be very unfair if you just force him or her to change the way he or she lives.

There may not be any problem when both of you are in a very early stage of a relationship, because you are still in the “honeymoon” period. But trust me, if you keep on forcing a change on how your lover lives, sooner or later your lover will get sick and tired of you. Your relationship will then end.

Friday, September 7, 2007

4 Hot Tips To Have Mind-Blowing Sex With Your Lover Tonight...

Love making is such a wonderful experience that it will be absolutely disastrous if it becomes a boring routine for couples. A very common problem for couples (especially those who have been together for q few years) is that love making has become so boring that they have completely lose the passion and drive to make love with each other...

When a couple is deeply in love, love making can build a more lovely and stronger relationship. During love making, couples will be experiencing the most intimate moment with one another... There is a saying that love making will be a total different experience if you are doing it with someone you really love... Very true indeed.

So for couples who are deeply in love, don't you think it is a waste if you are not having these intimate moments with your love ones? When the passion for sex dies, it will affect the relationship in some way or another... and excuses such as "i am too tired", "not tonight", "kids are sleeping" will emerge so as not hide the real truth behind it... Sometimes, these cases will result to affairs and unfaithful activities.

So how to save your sex life? Let me just share with you 4 simple tips to you:

1) Re-create the romantic atmosphere. Recall back the places/scenes where you make out with your lover when both of you just got together. Spend some effort to act out the scene with your lover or take him or her back to the places to bring back some memories.

2) Have a heart-to-heart talk with your lover. Tell your lover how it is affecting you and the relationship, and how the both of you can bring back exciting sex life together. Suggest to your lover some of the ideas that you have and ask for his or her feedbacks.

3) A prolonged foreplay. This is a very important activity if you do not want your sex to be boring again. Do not skip or rush through foreplay. Foreplay creates the anticipation and desire for sex, and it will go a long way to help both of you to achieve mind-blowing sex if it is done properly.

4) Add some spice into your sex life.
You need to bring in elements of fun, anticipation and excitement into your sex life to kill off boredom completely. Playing sex games is a good way to bring excitement and fun into the bedroom... Cross -dressing and role playing can make the whole sexual experience fore erotic and exciting.

Your lover deserves more than just a boring sex routine... Spend some effort to light up the fire again.. Do not let bad sex life be the catalyst to destroy your relationship with your lover.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to Make A Woman Loves You More Than You Love Her?

A lot of guys think that by just showering flowers and expensive gifts, taking her out for an expensive dinner will make a woman loves him. Now let me make this very clear. The BEST way to get a woman to fall in love has NOTHING to with buying her fancy gifts.

If you just got to know a woman, and immediately do nice things for her, like showering her with expensive gifts and flowers, you are showing that you are paying for her attention. I am not saying not to treat women nice. But what matters is the TIMING, and all these gifts and dinners do not form the main reasons to make a woman loves you more than you love her.

So what exactly is the thing that men should have or do, so that he will stand a higher chance to get a woman to love him? It is simple. Create ATTRACTION. Before you can even think about love and romance, you have to make her attracted to you. If you do not build attraction, then you can forget about getting her to fall in love.

Buying gifts and taking her to fancy dinner cannot trigger attraction. What you will need to do is to demonstrate all the classic signs which women find extremely attractive, for examples:

1. Have self-confidence.
Women like men who are confident with themselves and what they do.

2. Be humorous, but with a touch of arrogance. This will show that you are intimidated by her presence, and with this, you will clearly differentiate yourself from other guys who try to date her.

3. Have your own exciting life. Do not show that your life just only revolves around her. Go out there and meet new women, and enjoy your life. Life is too short to stay still.

4. Be strong.
I am not referring to physically, but mentally. You will need to demonstrate strength in you, and have your own directions.

Remember, if you want to know how to make a woman love you, simply focus on getting her attracted to you. You will be surprised with the results.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to Be A Man Who All Women Desire For?

One important advice that I must share with all men is that every man should behave like a MAN. Women do not like guys who behave like small little boys. In addition to learning "pick up" techniques, it is very important to learn how to cultivate a specific personality which is attractive to women....

So why do women like a REAL MAN? It is simple. When you behave like a man, you will be oozing with confidence, which strongly appeals to women. When women see those virtues of a real man in you, Attraction occurs. If you want to bring anything further than friendship with a woman, you need to create Attraction.

So let me just share with you some characteristics which a real man has:

1. Displaying leadership. A man knows how to lead people, and brings the best out of them.

2. Have a lot of self-confidence. A man is optimistic, and believes in himself but he is still humble enough to be thankful for what he has

3. Have own beliefs and directions.
A man is goal oriented and works towards his goals without bothering the judgments of other people.

4. Able to stay calm in circumstances. A man displays calmness under pressure regardless of what's happening around him.

5. Not intimidated by any women who he just met. A man will not be intimidated by women he just met by being a wuss.

6. Decisive. A man is able to make decision; even it is a painful decision.

7. Have a passion for life. A man enjoy his own life, does not revolve his life just around a woman.

8. Honor and integrity. A man has a certain level of pride in him, and will not do anything that go against his conscious.

Becoming a man is one of the most important steps you can take towards attracting ANY woman. So make sure that you try to develop these traits in you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why You Should Not Be Obsessed Over One Woman

Are you overly obsessed over one woman in your life? Do you feel that you cannot find someone better that the woman that you are obsessed over? Then you have definitely catch the deadly dating obsession disease...

I am pretty sure that mostly every guy will be guilty of this, which is to be obsessed over one particular woman, be it your friend, or a woman from your past relationship. A piece of dating advice from me is, being obsessed over one woman is not the same as being faithful to one woman.

When we talk about faithfulness, it is when you and a woman is in a relationship, and you show commitment and trust in this relationship by not fooling around. But being obsessed over one woman is when a man desires this one woman so much that they avoid any attempt to even date other women. This is not a healthy situation or attitude to have.

It is very common for guys to stuck with a certain girl, who no matter what you do; she just will not reciprocate the feeling that you have for her. In this case, my piece of dating advice to you is to move out of this situation as fast as you can! Stop obsessing over her. Rather than waiting on her to "come around," go out and live an active, full life with a variety of women in it.

I am pretty sure that if you make yourself "trapped" in this situation, it will cost you a lot of other things. You will be going down a "death relationship spiral", and missing out other opportunities to know more women out there. It can also greatly crush your confidence and self-esteem, which will make any future dates for you harder.

Therefore, I sincerely advise any guys who are obsessed over one woman to get a life! Get out of this "death relationship spiral". You can meet the girl that is truly yours out there, if you just start to know more women. Do not confuse between staying faithful and over obsession when come to dating women.

Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Most Powerful Tips to Succeed In Dating

To succeed in dating, the most important thing you must have is a positive mindset. With a powerful and positive mindset, nothing can stop you from getting the woman of your dream.

Dating is a very emotional behavior or action, where you depend on your subconscious mind most of the time. So in order to succeed in dating, you will need to beat the little voice inside of you.

Therefore to assist you in your future dating experiences, I am going to share with you 8 of the most powerful tips to help you to succeed in dating:

1. Forget about your past relationships. Do not let your past relationships, especially those which have failed, to affect the way you view new relationships. Sometimes memories should be forgotten as they can ensnare people. It is always beneficial to start over.

2. Be a little selfish. Treat yourself with more priority. There is a saying that “you should not put someone in your top priority if he or she does not even consider you as a priority.” Do what you want and what makes you happy.

3. Have optimism in your new or future relationships. Have faith in it and trust that it will work out. Do not go in with a state of mind that it will not last long.

4. Be yourself. It is common to be a different you at the start of the relationships as both of you will want to leave a good impression in each other minds. But you should always try your best to preserve your true characteristics as this is crucial in a long term relationship.

5. Treating each other with respects. All human being deserve a basic respect from one another. Therefore, take time to hear your partner out whenever there is an argument and respect what they have to say.

Bear these 5 tips in mind and apply to your relationships. You will definitely see improvements in your dating experiences.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have the Confidence In Yourself Before You Approach Women....

Many men have problems when it comes to approaching women. They find that the art of approaching women is one of the hardest techniques that they can master successfully. To successfully approach women, it is not as hard as you may think.

There are various reasons why your effort to approach a particular woman ends in vain. One of the most common reason is that you do not even trust yourself in the beginning.

Are you having the following thoughts in your mind before you approach a woman?

1. "I will definitely stammer later."
2. "I am too ugly to attract her."
3. "What is she rejects me?"
4. "She will not like a poor man like me."

If you are having any one of the above thoughts, get rid of it now. They are not real but just some imaginative, demorailzing and destroying thoughts.

Have confidence in yourself, and do not let any of the self-limiting reason above to stop you from approaching women. All you need to do is to step up to the woman and casually start a conversation with her.

To successfully approach woman, you will need to make her feel that you are not trying to date her. Don't use pickup lines that sound sleazy, and this will straight away give you away.

Show her that you are just being friendly and trying to know more friends. Dress well and be confident, you will eventually succeed.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Get The Woman That You Want Successfully...

How to get the woman that you like? Some of you may find it hard to get the woman that you really want, but if you know the trick to approach her, it is not that hard after all...

To approach a woman on the street who you do not know at all, and start chatting up with her may send some shivers down your spine. But if you really want to master the skill of getting women successfully, you will need to pick up your courage and do it.

Let me just share with you some tips in this blog post so that you can apply them right away to approach and get the woman that you want:

Approaching Woman Tip #1: Look for something common between you and her. If you are a gamer, and you happened to meet a woman that you like in a game shop, be sure to use this opportunity to approach her. Find something common between you and her. Simply ask her “You love playing this game too? How long have you started this?” From there, you can share some pointers you have with her and yes dude, it’s that simple.

Approaching Woman Tip #2: You need to be able to take rejection. Rejection is no big deal, it does not mean that you are a failure if you are rejected by women. It is just part and parcel of the dating process.

In approaching woman, you can’t expect everyone to like you. If you happen to approach a woman who rejects you, move on to the next one. It is a number game, the more women you approach, the higher your success rate. You must remember that there is only a 1% chance that you will get a slap in the face if you approach a particular woman, so why fear? At most you just get a “No”, right?

These are just 2 simple tips that you need to apply while you are approaching woman for a date. Be sure to start practicing them now to enjoy success with women.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

4 Simple Tips On How You Can Approach Women

It is not difficult to approach women, it is only a matter of whether do you know how to do it. In this blog post, let me just share with you 4 simple tips that you can use right away to approach women, anywhere, anytime..

Here are 4 tips that you can use to approach woman.

Tip #1 to approach woman: Be humorous. Woman loves to be entertained. By telling a joke, you will create a deep impression for her to remember you, and most importantly you get her to start chatting with you.

Tip #2 to approach woman: Ask her some questions.
It is easiest for someone to start talking to you by having you to start asking some questions. When you ask a question, you have to get an answer from that person unless she really hates you at the first sight. But chances of such incident happening is also really low.

Tip #3 to approach woman: Ask her for a favour. Approach her and ask if she could help you look after your belongings for a short while as you have some errands to run. When you come back, you can thank her by offering to give her a treat at a nearby starbucks café.

Tip #4 to approach woman: Offer her some help.
Be a gentleman and offer her some help when you see her carrying tons of stuff. She will return you a thank you and your conversation can start from there.

There are unlimited ways and methods you can use to approach any women depending on the situation that you are in. There is never a bad situation, just bad techniques.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Are The 5 Common Mistakes That Men Make In Dating?

In this post, I am going to share with you what are some of the most common mistakes that men make during dating, that destroy their chances of getting women...

When approaching women, men will need to bear some points in mind so as not to make the same mistakes like other guys make. Here are the top 5 common mistakes men make when approaching a woman:

1. Approaching without a plan.
If you never plan, you are planning to fail. Although you can always improvise on the spot, but by having a plan, it will always increase your chances of coming across as a person she might consider dating.

2. Lie to women. When a man does not give enough respect and credit to a woman, he is going to fail. Most men think that they can fool a woman into giving them their number. Listen, women know that you are trying to pick them up, so do not beat around the bush. Be direct and let them know exactly what you want.

3. Forgetting about her comfort zone. It is important for you to realize that most women will be on their guard when you first approach them. This is normal, and therefore it is extremely important for you to come across as a harmless guy. Being a little humorous always help.

4. Acting like a pervert.
Do not just stare at her boobs when you just got to meet a woman, it will only bring across to her that you are a pervert. Instead, lock your eyes into hers while talking to her, it shows that you respect her and are interested to know her more.

5. Do not act like an irresponsible man. In reality, men are very bad to women. There is always a heavy price to pay for breaking a heart. When you are faithful to a woman, you will reap the rewards in the long run.

Hope that you do not make these common mistakes that most men make.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How To Talk To Her Without Stammering

It is the biggest fear of men to stammer when they are having a conversation with women. Reasons that you will stammer in front of women are because you are not confident in yourself and do not know how to talk to women.

To have a great conversation with a woman is not that hard at all. Women like men who provide listening ears to them as they share their emotions and feelings to them. For you to have a great conversation with her, the first thing you will need to do is to tell yourself to listen more than you talk.

Women do not need you to comment or tell them what to do, they will rather you sit there and listen to them. But you do not just sit there like a dumb-ass; do some actions and shows that you are actually paying attention to her. I am going to share with you some of the steps that you need to do when you are in a conversation with a woman so as to have a great conversation with her.

1. Try to understand what she is interested in, and forget about yourself for a moment. Focus the attention to her and give her sincere complementation.

2. Listen attentively. Remember, talk less, and listen more. Response to what she say with simple words like "Yes", or "I understand". This shows that you are actually paying attention to what she is saying to you.

3. Respond cleverly when she asks for your opinions, by paraphrasing what you have heard from her in your own words. It shows respect for her when you use your "speaking turn" to show you have been listening and not just to say something new.

4. Knows when the time for you to speak is. This is a very important step as sometimes she will run out of topics to talk to you. In this case, you will need to carry on and lead the conversation instead. One of the ways to carry on with the conversation is to ask questions according to how much you get to know her, and let her gives you the answers.

5. Remember to have eye contact with her. Having eye contact when you are in a conversation with a woman is definitely a great way to seduce her. If you are sitting close to her, you may want to have slight body contact with her.

Talking to a woman is not that hard at all as long as you shut the little voice inside of you that tell you “You cannot do it”. Believe in yourself, you can do it. Women are just human being after all.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

How to Beat Other Men in The Dating Game....

Dating is a very competitive game, it is either you get the girl that you love, or some other guys get the girl. A lot of self-confidence and motivation are needed to survive in this game.

In the dating game, you will have a lot of competitors, some are tough, some are just weak. The point here is, if you want to succeed in dating, you should not allow yourself to fall into the weak category.

But in reality, it is very easy to fall into the weak category, especially for men who just broke off from their long term relationship....

When you have just ended a long term relationship, the period after that is a difficult one. Most of the guys will be wondering what will happen? Will they ever get a new special woman in their life? I think it's easy for men to become so comfortable and emotionally dependent in a relationship that they experience a lot of FEAR when ending that relationship.

Getting back to the “dating game” is not as hard as what you guys think. If you know how to go out anytime to meet women, you should not be afraid at all, because those set of skills are still deeply rooted in your brain.

When you know how to go out anytime and meet women, you will have the following benefits:

1) When you know that you can meet women anytime you want, it makes you stop acting so NEEDY and CLINGY in a relationship. Most needy and clingy behaviors are rooted in the FEAR that you will never be able to find another woman.

2) When it comes to ending a relationship, this skill makes things MUCH easier. Too many of you guys stay in relationships that are bad for you, and are afraid to END a relationship because of that deeply-rooted insecurity that comes from not knowing how to walk out the door anytime, anywhere and meet women.

When comes to dealing with competition from other guys when you are out of the "dating game" for a long time, there are actually 2 reasons to find the root of the problem.

1) INSECURITY. When you are insecure and do not trust yourself, you will always fear that someone else CAN snatch away your girlfriend/date. This is a bad thing because it then clouds your thinking, and creates an illusion that the woman you're with is BETTER than she is, and that you're WORSE than you are.

2) Jealousy. Jealousy is useless, and it can leads to stupid emotion like anger and anger may leads to violence. Women hate violence. If you resort to violence, I can bet that she will leave you immediately.

Therefore, you will need to feel confident about yourself first, so that it will not lead to jealousy.

Women are attracted to guys who are confident, and if she wants to leave, you can’t stop her anyway. And if she really leaves, just look for a new woman! Why fear?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss and Hug You More Often

Physical contact between your girlfriend and you is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Kisses and hugs will show that both of you are still deeply in love with each other. But when one of you feels that the other half does not show romantic gestures very often, it may cause him or her to lose self-esteem and confidence in the relationship.

Therefore, let met share with you some of the ways to maintain the romantic gestures between you and your girlfriend during relationships.

1. Show her affection, when walking in the mall, hold her hand. When you greet her, give her a kiss to show her you care about her. Snuggle next to her on the couch, with your arm around her, and your fingers playing with her ear lobe, or her neck. When you give affection, you will get it.

2. Before you get affection from her, you must give it to her first. Do not wait for her to do it first just because that you cannot put down your ego.

3. Be lovable so as to make her want to be around you. Have a good sense of humor. Discuss things that you both have in common.

4. Ask her for a kiss as this is a sure way to get one from your girlfriend.

5. Compliment her when she does something nice. Do not just be false in your words. Be honest and she will enjoy you more. It is a normal act that is displayed when one truly cares for the other. Just be yourself, be fun to be with and enjoy her company.

Maintaining romantic gestures during relationships is definitely a great way to create and maintain the sparks between you and her.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to Get Women to Chase You?

To make women chasing you instead of you putting all the effort is not hard after all. There is one change you can make in your thinking and behavior that will definitely increase your success rate in attracting women.

This change is not a very difficult for you to do it, and is not something that will only work for a tall, good-looking guy who already has success with women. So what exactly is the change that you can make right away to attract women?

Women are attracted to men that they cannot control. They are not attracted to men that they can control. So in order to get women to chase you rather than you chasing them, you will need to change the way you think about attraction for women, especially in this aspect.

You need to believe that becoming a “bad boy” that women cannot control or anticipate your next move, will definitely increase your success rate in getting women as your girlfriends. I am not telling you to go out there and break women hearts, is just to let you understand that women will not be attracted to men that are too nice to them.

You must do something that's far more "subtle" than that and you'll have to learn the
techniques that go along with this mindset. Being too nice to women will position you to them as “yet another guy who likes them” kind of guy. You will not want to be seen in this manner and it will definitely jeopardize your success in attracting them.

So guys, take some time to adopt this particular mindset and start talking to women in a whole new approach. Tease them; be arrogant yet humorous at the same time. You will definitely reap the rewards if you can make this change.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to Get the Woman That You Really Want

I believe that all men have that one girl that they really want. It could be a beautiful and gorgeous soul mate of yours that you have known since college, or it could be that hot babe at your workplace.

But the dangerous thing here is, when there is just one girl that you want, it will become a hell lot tougher for you to get her. A lot of guys shoot themselves on their feet when come to the dating game when they focus on just one girl in their lives.

This narrow focus will kill whatever attraction she might have for you. You will seem like a very needy and desperate wuss in her eyes, which will greatly jeopardize your success of getting her to be your girlfriend.

Let me share with you some strategies that you can use right away to stop killing the natural attraction that girls have in you:

Strategy #1: Do not just think that one girl is all you will meet in your life.

Yes, she may be awesome, but I am pretty sure that there are tons of other girls out there who are just as great as she is, and you WILL definitely meet them.

Just remember that there are a lot of girls out there who are amazing too. This way you will not become too needy and desperate over her.

Strategy #2: Go out there and know more girls.

If she is the only dating prospect in your life right now, it will be tough for your not to worry about it. Therefore, the solution to solve this problem is to make yourself hang out with other girls so as to increase your network of dating prospects.

When you are surrounded by other women and lead a happy social life, you are attractive to women instantly. Create a challenge for the one girl that you really want. She’s the one who has to win your affections, not the other way round.

Strategy #3: Change Your Mindset About Dating and Women

Forget about neediness and loneliness. Have a better frame of mind and look at dating and women from another perspective. You will need to have a mindset that whatever attention or care that you give her, has been EARNED by her, not because of is natural for a man to act like this.

There is a saying that if a person does not put you in his or her priority in life, you should also not prioritize them high up there in your list. This applies to dating.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Get Physical with a Woman

I believe this is what most men wish to find out, about how to get physical with a woman. Most men are afraid that if they really like to do more, they will be perceive by the woman as a pervert or wants to push things too fast.

I know that we men hate the efforts of being rejected after we have invested so much time and effort that made us come so far with them. Therefore what most men will usually do is to wait and see, and hope that things will “heat up” again.

Let me tell you, you will not get what you want. Do you expect a woman to come to you and take off her clothes, and tell you “Let’s do it”? I seriously do not think so. I honestly believe that most men cause their own problems and resistance when it comes to "getting physical" with a woman.

Women like anticipation, and anticipation leads to sexual arousal. Women like to think what may happen and expect it to happen. Women act like they want a man to chase them around all night, and then MAYBE do it. So if you want her to feel more turned on, and to get less "resistance", then use ANTICIPATION.

So how to you create that anticipation that women want? You can simply do it by playing hard to get. Leads her on and then be passive. Let her anticipate what your next move is. By simply confusing her, she will more likely want you to do more so that she can solve her puzzle.

By acting in this manner, you will also be different from other guys that she has met before. At least, you are not a guy who does not understand how to turn on a woman.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Love Making Tips – How To Have A Passionate Love Making Session

To have a good love making session, most of the love making tips that are offered by experts will tell you that having the passion during the session is the KEY to it. When a love making session is passionate, your partner and you will feel the immense love and excitement in it.

But sad to say that once people are in the society, working their socks off to build their career, they tend to forget that passion is the KEY to good sex. When they get home, they will just have a quickie or impassionate sex just to get by the night. This kind of love making session is just plain boring, and it is not the way to build a healthy sex life.

Let me just share with you some of passionate love making tips that will spice up your sex life:

1. Try cross dressing. Everyone has his or her own sexual fantasy, be it having sex with a nurse for a man or with a solider for a woman. Talk to your partner and find out what is his or her fantasy. Then go out and invest in the respective kind of outfit that your partner fancies, and surprise him or her when both of you are just about to have sex.

2. Do it slowly.
Do not just rush through the love making session; it is just not romantic and passionate. Start by both having your tops and bottom on and slowly undress. Spend a considerable time on foreplay before both of you go into intercourse.

3. Set up the atmosphere. Spend some time before hand to do up the place of the night. Dim the light, and use scented candles. Play some romantic slow music where both of you are able to have a slow dance together.

These are just 3 tips to have a passionate and romantic love making session.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to Foreplay To Spice Her Up?

I have always tell my clients and list subscribers that foreplay plays a very important role if you want to have a enjoyable sexual experience with your partner.

Women like anticipation, especially on bed. Foreplay is all about creating anticipation. Here are four activities that every guy should know. Use these and any variations that you invent and she will never know what amazing thing you will do next.

1. Massage her. Massaging will help her to relax before having sex with you. By massaging areas like her feet, shoulders, back will definitely spice up the atmosphere. You do not have to be a professional masseuse to rub her back with good massage oil. Do not use baby oil as it will be too oily and do not use a lotion as it will absorb into her skin and will not stay slippery long enough. Light a candle and warm up the oil by rubbing it between your hands. Do not try to perform a deep muscle massage.

2. Caress her from the back.
Hug her from behind and do some sweet talk into her ears. Women like guys who are playful and creative. Do not rush to have sex, which will be a great turn-off to most women. While you are holding her, you can start to kiss her slowly from her neck down.

3. Undress her slowly. A lot of couples get into the rut of getting undressed and jumping into bed to start their romantic interludes. It does not matter if you have been married a day or 30 years; this time stop and kiss her while you are both standing up. Start undressing her while maintaining the kiss. It will bring back memories of dating and will be fun.

4. While both of you are on bed, take things slowly and enjoy yourselves. Treat her like you are having sex with her for the first time. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not to be rushed through. Tickle her, and kiss her all over. Be creative and both of you will definitely enjoy a fantastic night together.

Foreplay is a very important process before sex. A good foreplay can lead to a good sex, while a sex without foreplay is just plain and boring sex.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to Date Your Co Workers

It is very common to meet an opposite sex that you are interested at your workplace. You may be wondering how you can date her out; without making her think that you are too aggressive. I will share with you now what are the ways that you can use to approach this.

1. Get to know her more. Do not be too aggressive at the beginning if you do not get to her at all. Make her feel comfortable being with you around as a colleague first.

2. Make small jokes of her so as to break ice.

3. Whatever things that they tell you, try to remember them. Girls are impresses with guys who pay attention to what they are saying.

4. Make small talk; bring up normal things to talk about. For example, school, movies, or music.

5. Show interest in what they have interest for.

6. Do your research. Ask around to find out whether she has a boyfriend.

7. Ask her for her number. If she gives it to you, it is a good sign.

8. Once you get to know her more, ask her if she would like to hang out (on days off or before/after work).

9. If both of you have a good time while hanging out and she is available, try asking her to be your girlfriend.

10. If she needs more time, do not try to push her too much. Respect her decision and let her think about it. At the mean time, carry on with your life and do not make her think that your life is only revolving around her.

But if you get the chance to have her as your girlfriend, you must be prepared to face her at your workplace if you break up.

Friday, July 13, 2007

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How can one become an alpha man, and what exactly is an alpha man?

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Is Playing Hard To Get - So Now What?

I believe you guys out there have probably met some women who played hard to get with you before, and you do not have a single clue why they behave in those manners, am I right?

Actually, it is very normal for women to play hard to get with us, Men. By playing hard to get with us, they can know a lot of things about us. For example, how serious are we in wooing them, are we determined enough, etc. They can also create more sparks by playing hard to get with us, as they think that they will make us miss and love them more!

Therefore, we have to accept the fact that women will always play hard to get with us, no matter whether do they like us or not. So it is very important to know what are the reasons behind them playing hard to get, because sometimes when a woman plays hard to get with a guy, she is simply not interested in him, and it is advisable for him to move on.

So whenever now if you meet a woman who plays hard to get with you (you most probably will meet one), the first thing is to know why she plays it, by judging her actions and analyzing the situation. Then from there, you can determined whether if she is worth the chase.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Break Up with Her Using Sensitivity

I know that for some guys, asking for a breakup is a very hard thing to say out.

Breaking up is always hard to take for anyone who is in a relationship. No one likes the feeling of being dumped, but break-ups are an unavoidable part of our lives. For you guys out there, it is very important to end a relationship properly to avoid future bad relationship karma.

1. Do it in person. To initial a break-up over the phone to her is harsh. Meet up with her and explain why the relationship between you and her does not work out.

2. Pick an appropriate place. Remember, ending a relationship is a humbling experience. Don't do it in a place where the person on the receiving end is going to feel more vulnerable than necessary.

3. Choose the right time. Try not to break up with her on special occasion or festive period, as you will not want her to remember you being so insensitive when every time that day rolls around.

4. Be honest. Tell her what does not work out. Let her understand that she will need to accept the truth and move on but do it in a sensitive way.

5. Keep your emotions in check. Don't seem too happy about the breakup: you'll come off as mean-spirited. Just be kind, caring, and considerate.

6. Don't over- react. Some people don't handle rejection well. Some people yell, scream, and cry. Do not react to their meltdown. Remember, rejection is tough. You've already got the upper hand by being the dumper. Let the dumpee behave ridiculously if they choose to. And if their tantrum escalates, get the heck out of there.

If you handle yourself well during the breakup, chances are you'll avoid any hard feelings with your ex. And while that may not seem so important at the time, it's vital to your future relationship karma!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to be Nice to a Girl?

Some girls like it when men treat them in a very gentlemanly nice way. There are a few ways that you can do to a girl, which will make her feels appreciated and attracted to you.

1. Be sincere. Mean what you say. Do not say things that you do not actually MEAN about her. If you don't have anything nice to say do not say anything at all. Remember, honesty really is the best policy

2. Respect her as a person. For every decision that she has made, respect her decision, because she has her own rights after all. So do not expect her to always agree with you. Do also treat her friends and family members with respect too, as you will most probably score more points in this way.

3. Express an interest in meeting her friends. Girls often call their friends girlfriends. They are close and without their friends approval you don't have hers. Try using some of these steps on them as well but not as much or you may seem to be a flirt.

4. Be attentive. When she talks to you, listen. Girls like guys who provide listening ears to them. Let them pour out their feelings to you, talk less, and listen more. Do not stop her while she is speaking, just listen to her.

5. Care for her, by opening the door for her, and pulling out the chair for her in restaurants, etc.

6. Be kind, and not just to the girl you are trying to impress. A better suggestion would simply be to be a nice person. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Small acts of kindness make a big impression.

Girls need to feel appreciated by a guy, and they need a lot of assurance. When they feel that you are nice to her in a way which is sincere, she will look at you in a very different way. But do not overdo it, and become a “puppy” to her.

Monday, July 2, 2007

How to Be Attractive to Women for a better future

In today post, I will talk about how men can be attractive to women in the dating game.

Women are attracted to guys who are confident, humorous, cool, and sexy. But not all women are attracted to these kinds of guys. Some women like guys who treat them bad, but some will not tolerate any nonsense from guys.

I know there are a lot of techniques out there, teaching you how to be attractive to a woman. They are mostly true, but it is just that you will need to see which type of women you are targeting. Once you know what type of girl is she, you can play accordingly to your techniques and emerge victorious.

Let me just share with you some of the ways that you can use so as to attract her.

1. Be nice and sincere. There is nothing sweeter to a woman than a genuinely kind man, if you know how to use it properly.

2. Be humorous. Make fun of her and crack funny jokes to her. Women like guys who have a sense of humor, so that they will feel entertained. But when you are cracking joke, make sure that the jokes are funny, and do not ever crack racist jokes.

3. Be different from other guys. Gorgeous women tend to have a lot of typical nice guys wooing them. They have most probably met hundreds of guys who use the same old pick-up lines. You need to be different if you want to capture her attention. One of the ways is to be cocky, but at the same time funny. Make fun of her when you first meet her, and make her feel that you are not intimidated by her.

4. Be observant to her. It shows you care enough to notice, or gives you a good opener in a bar.

5. Do not be nice in way that she will think that you are timid and a pushover. You must have your own sense of pride, directions, and confidence. These traits are just the perfect baits to attract women.

Nothing beats going out there and experiences it. You can read as many tricks and techniques as you wish, but if you never practise them, you are getting nowhere. Do not afraid of rejection, it is just part and parcel of the dating game.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Do Women Like to Play Hard To Get?

Women are hard to understand, and do not even think of guessing what are they thinking about. Trust me, you will go crazy. I know it is hard to take when a woman that you are so eagerly chasing is playing hard to get with you, and you do not know why she does that.

Sometimes, the things women do when in relationships are out of this world, at least not for the men to understand. A man will think that if a woman plays hard to get with him, she is definitely interested in him, just to show that she does not want to seem too easy to get. But is it true all the times? Or is she just simply not interested?

There are just too many reasons and possibilities that why women play hard to get with men during relationships. A few of the common reasons are:

1) They do not want to be seem as easy targets.
2) They want men to treasure them more when they finally get together.
3) They are simply not interested in the relationships or the men.

So when you happen to meet a girl who plays hard to get with you in the future, try to recall what are some common reasons why she does this. Then what you can do is to play to the situation. But please do not turn into a needy wuss who begs her to be together with you, it will only turn her off.

Instead have some dignity and confidence in yourself, and prepare to walk away if you feel that nothing can be work out from the both of you. Continue to live your own life and go out and meet more people. This will make her realize that you life does not only evolves around her.

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