Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss and Hug You More Often

Physical contact between your girlfriend and you is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Kisses and hugs will show that both of you are still deeply in love with each other. But when one of you feels that the other half does not show romantic gestures very often, it may cause him or her to lose self-esteem and confidence in the relationship.

Therefore, let met share with you some of the ways to maintain the romantic gestures between you and your girlfriend during relationships.

1. Show her affection, when walking in the mall, hold her hand. When you greet her, give her a kiss to show her you care about her. Snuggle next to her on the couch, with your arm around her, and your fingers playing with her ear lobe, or her neck. When you give affection, you will get it.

2. Before you get affection from her, you must give it to her first. Do not wait for her to do it first just because that you cannot put down your ego.

3. Be lovable so as to make her want to be around you. Have a good sense of humor. Discuss things that you both have in common.

4. Ask her for a kiss as this is a sure way to get one from your girlfriend.

5. Compliment her when she does something nice. Do not just be false in your words. Be honest and she will enjoy you more. It is a normal act that is displayed when one truly cares for the other. Just be yourself, be fun to be with and enjoy her company.

Maintaining romantic gestures during relationships is definitely a great way to create and maintain the sparks between you and her.

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