Thursday, December 20, 2007

4 Tips To Date A Gorgeous Woman

Many guys are lack confidence when it comes to dating gorgeous women. They think that so called "gorgeous women" are definitely harder to date when compared to other "normal" women. To me, they are all women. The same old dating rules still apply.

To successfully date a gorgeous woman, you need to have the right knowledge and techniques to know how to do it. Let me share with you 4 tips that you can use in your dating game:

1. Understand her. A gorgeous woman does not lack of suitors. She has most probably seen so many guys, that she thinks that no man seems special to her. Therefore, to increase your chance of success, you will need to take different actions to produce different results. You need to do what other guys are not doing.

2. Have self-belief. You must believe in yourself first before we talk about dating women. Even if you are short or broke, you CAN STILL attract gorgeous women. Are you with me? Having the right mindset first is very important when it comes to dating. If you do not believe in yourself that you can attract her and go to approach a woman, you have already lost half the battle even before you open your mouth to talk.

3. Know how to strike out a conversation with stranger. You must be confident to approach any woman and starts a conversation with her. If you lack courage, you are not going to attract anyone. When starting a conversation with a woman, do not ask her "Yes" or "No" question, as you are just giving her a chance to reject you. Instead of asking her question like "Do you like to do sports", try asking her "You seem to me like a very sporty woman. Why do you love sports so much?" Get it?

4. Create attraction. To successfully date a woman, you need to create attraction first. Attraction can be created by the way you speak to her, the way you carry yourself, the actions that you use while talking and the charisma in you. To make a gorgeous woman falls for you, you MUST create attraction. If you are able to speak well and make her enjoy your company, you have already won half the battle.

One thing to note is that many men feel intimidated by beautiful women. If you want to succeed in dating them, you MUST NOT feel intimidated. Take control of the situation and distinguished yourself from most other guys out there. The key is to be DIFFERENT.

You can date the most gorgeous woman not even in your wildest dream, as long as you know how to approach her and create attraction...

Monday, December 17, 2007

4 Sure-Fire Tips to Seduce Women...

To seduce women successfully, men need to work on 4 things. I am going to share with you 4 tips to successfully seduce women; even you think that they are out of your league.

1. Have a positive mindset. This is the most important thing that you must work on if you really want to successfully seduce women. Before you hit the bar and start honing your seduction skill, if you do not have the belief that you can make it, you will not be able to pull it off.

2. Think less, action counts. Do not spend your time wondering whether you will be able to get the girl, or thinking of what lines and tactics you should use on her. All these without the action of really approaching her and talk, there will be no result at all. Therefore, just pick up your courage and approach her now.

3. Carry yourself well. Speak confidently and with composure. Women like men who are confident. By maintaining your composure, you show her that you are not intimidated by her or any circumstances at all.

4. Make use of body language. Body language is one of the greatest ways to create attraction. Maintain constant eye contacts and some minor physical contact will help too.

The above are just 4 simple tips that you can work on so as to improve your seduction skill. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a positive mindset first before you approach any woman.

Try it out, before you approach any woman in the future, just tell yourself that you will succeed and she will feel attracted to you. You will be able to see the differences a positive mindset can bring to your seduction game.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sex Tips – What are the Best Times to Have Sex?

Sex is a wonderful thing and you should not restrict yourself to only having sex at a particular time or day. It should come naturally and passionately no matter it is at night or in the early morning.

Frankly speaking, there is no best time to have sex, every time and places that you can think of can be used for having sex. Let me just share with you some of the times of a day that you can initiate sex with your partner:

1. Early in the morning. When you have just gotten out of bed, try to initiate sex with your partner. It will be very energizing and fulfilling to kick off a brand new day by having a passionate sex with your partner.

2. When your partner is bathing. Sneak into the bathroom and surprise her. Cuddle her from the back and start planting soft kisses on her neck. It can even act as foreplay before the real thing kick starts in the bed.

3. When the both of you are tired after work. This is one of the most neglected times to have sex. People always think that they are just too tired to have a quickie whatsoever. But in reality, they are only limiting their minds by thinking that they are too tired. Do not limit your mind, go out and try it. Sex can help you to relax after a day of hard work.

4. When both of you are in a car.
This work best if you are going to drive for a few hours, for example driving between countries or states. Stop between journey and drive to a deserted area. Have a good quickie to release the tension and make you more refreshing to drive later on.

Just bear in mind that having sex with your partner is always a good thing. Do not take it for granted. Treasure anytime that you can get to be intimate with your partner, and you will not be neglecting your partner anymore.

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