Thursday, May 31, 2007

Getting her Phone Number or Email Address

To get a woman to give you her phone number or email address when you just get to know her is not as hard as you think. What is stopping you to get her number is only your fear of rejection. Let’s think about this.

What is the worst case scenario if you ask for her number, and she does not give it to you? Will she give you a tight slap and ask you to go away? She will most probably respond very coldly to you, or just walk away. Do you think that you as a guy cannot take this rejection with you? It is just typical WORST case and you will not get to lose anything.

You must remember that if she does not want to give you her number, the problem lies with her, not you. Maybe she is just busy, just in a bad mood, in a hurry, or just not available. These are things that you cannot control, and the fault does not lie in you.

Mindset is very important in the dating game. You will need to get it right first before I reveal to you the simple steps to get her number or email when you first get to know her.

When you meet a woman in the pub, and you have decided to ask for her number, do the following:

1. Tell her that you are going to join your friends back at your table. Turn away and walk off.

2. Just after you break eye contact with her, turn back and say “hey!”

3. As she looks up, say “do you HAVE an email?”

4. She will most probably say “yes”, and straight away pass a paper and pen to her and ask her to write it down. If she does, you are treating her “yes” as “yes, i will give it to you”. This is a smooth and easy way to ask for her email first.

5. As she is writing down her email, when she is about to write the “@” sign, tell her “write down your number too”. She will most probably give her number to you since she is already writing.

If she refuse to give you her email when you ask her, just say “It is ok, write it down, I will only send an email to you every 10 minutes for the next month.” Be cocky, as well as funny.

This “write-it down” method is a very useful technique that I have learnt. Try it out yourself and see the difference in your success rate in getting numbers.

Monday, May 28, 2007

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

How to make a Woman wants you more?

In order to make her wants you more, you may actually first need to “push” her away. Why is it that nightclubs make people to queue up outside for hours when they have plenty of rooms inside? It is actually all about creating the feeling of attraction.

We humans usually only want what we do not have. When we get it, we will get bored with it, and will soon lose interest. This applied to relationships as well. When you know that you can easily hook up with that woman, will you still feel excited about it?

Therefore, when you do not present a challenge to a woman, by acting like a small puppy following and listening to her all the times, she will feel that you are just one typical normal guy that she have met. She will feel no challenge at all and thus will lose interest in you. Playing hard to get is the key thing here that I am going to share with you.

I am going to share with you 3 ways that you can use right away so as to make a woman wants you more.

1. Create a challenge for her. Do not be a puppy, be the owner of the puppy.

2. Give in to her a little, and then play hard to get with her. Lean back, do not be too proactive.

3. Make her miss you and be as unpredictable as you can.

When you create a challenge for her, she will become very interested in you. If you are just pouring all of your attention and giving her everything she wants, you will become very uninteresting to her.

And being unpredictable, you are on your way to create the attraction that she will feel towards you. Things that are too predictable provide no excitement at all, no sparks and thrill. Unpredictable things are fascinating to people, especially to a woman.

Just remember these 3 points and communicate to her, just do not try to be a puppy and you will be on the right track.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to Flirt With Her?

Flirting is part and parcel of the dating game. It is used to express sexual or romantic interest in the other person. There are a few ways to flirt with her, such as using body languages, conversation, or physical contact. The flirting process is a very important in the success of a relationship.

The main objective of flirting is to speak and act in a way that improves the intimacy between you and her. This will smooth the path for you to turn your friendship with her into a relationship.

One of the best ways to flirt with her is to use the Casual Touching technique, like touching one’s hair. So why is this way so good? This technique is usually very subtle, and she will usually do not think too much into it. But by having those little physical contacts with her, you are actually putting “anchors” on her.

So what do I mean by placing anchors on her? By casually touching her arms gently, she will feel somehow connected to you. When you keep on touching her on the same place, as time goes by, she will connect the action of you touching her arm with you. Therefore whenever she sees you, she will expect you to touch her on the same place, which in this case the arm.

As you know, having physical contact with a woman is definitely a good way to create a chance for yourself to have a relationship with her. But if you do it too aggressively, you will most probably get a big tight slap from her. Therefore, the Casual Touching technique will be very handy in this situation.

There are also some other flirting techniques such as maintaining eye contact, smiling at her, teasing her in a confident manner, winking, and giving her special gifts.

Master the techniques of flirting and you are on your way to victory in the dating game.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Is She Interested in You if She Never Asks For your Name?

Recently I had a guy friend who asked me this very strange question. He told me that he had a conversation with a woman that he really likes at first glance, and the conversation went well at the beginning. But after he had asked for her name, and got it, she does not ask for his name throughout the conversation. So does this means that she is not interested in my friend?

From my point of view, she MIGHT be not interested in him, as if a woman is interested in a man, she will tend to ask for his name, isn’t it? But this is not the most important part of the question. Actually it does not matter whether the woman likes you or not in the beginning. The only thing that matters is whether or not she feels that powerful, magical, all-important emotion called ATTRACTION!

There are women that I met who are angry with me, but at the end of the day, we tend to become very close! So if I had view the whole situation as a disaster when a woman is angry with me at the beginning, do you still think that I can still get into good term with her, by making her feel attracted to me?

My friend has been looking in the wrong direction for clues on whether the woman likes him or not. He is focusing on the wrong thing during the conversation. When he keeps thinking that just because she does not ask for his name, it means failure, then how can he expect to attract that woman throughout the conversation?

When a woman does not ask for your name, she may be playing hard to get with you. There is a chance she is feeling attracted to you, but she just want to carry on playing the same old dating trick on you. If you feel dejected just because of this, and never really put in your effort and trick to charm her during the conversation, you will MOST PROBABLY lose her at the end of the night.

Remember, the way to successful dating is to make her feel attracted to you, it does not matter whether she likes you or not in the beginning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Women Are Attracted to Men with Sense of Humour

So is it really true that a man with a sense of humour can attract women easier? I believed that there is a connection between making women laugh and making women feeling a powerful attraction to you.

Attraction is not a logical thing, as it is mostly ruled by emotions. One of the best ways to attract attractive women is to be funny, and leads them to feel the emotion of being attracted to you. So why are women more interested in men who are humorous?

Women feel attraction for a very different set of reasons when compared to men. While men focus more on looks, women tend to focus more on personality, self-esteem, confidence level, and other intangible characteristics men possess.

Women like guys who can make them laugh, especially when a guy is deemed by them to be a no-nonsense and serious bloke. When a guy who is serious all the time occasionally jokes around and makes a woman laughs, she will feel the childishness inside him, and feels that he is not hard to hang along after all.

Most of the guys, who are successful with women, were not afraid to make fun of attractive women, and even challenge them, rather than keep on showering them with compliments. They will usually do all the above things in a very funny way.

When men attract women using their sense of humour and put it in a cocky way, women will feel that they are funny, confident, intelligent, and comfortable to hang out with, which of course are all the qualities that lead to women feeling attracted to men.

Therefore, if you are a man who is reading this article, try the technique of communicating to women in a funny and cocky way. Continue to refine and perfect the technique and you will soon find more women talking to you, hanging out with you, and be around you.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

How to Lose a Woman Fast If You Do Not Know About the Secrets of Seduction

You may ask me “why do I need to know how to lose a girl fast? Should you be telling us how to keep women by our side instead?” It does not make sense, isn’t it?

Let put in this way. In this post, I shall highlight to you all the things that a man always does to lose a woman, fast.

Most of the guys do not know exactly why they are so good at losing women. In other words, they always screwed up situations after situations and never realise just how GOOD they are at being BAD with women.

Let me share with you now 4 actions we men always do which leads to us losing women really fast:

1. Being too nice to her even before into a relationship. This action leads the woman to think that you are just like all other guys out there, as you are giving away all your POWER to the woman. Women are not attracted to weak men, and I am not referring to “muscles” here. Women like men who are confident and have their own sense of directions and controls.

2. Telling her that you like her too early. By telling her how you feel about her too early, you will make them feel that you are too desperate and available. Give hints and show actions, but do not confess too early.

3. Keep telling her about how you feel about her when she tells you that she needs space and time to think about it. Women really hate guys who pester them with answers when they are in the midst of coming to decisions.

4. Do thoughtful things from the beginning and throughout a relationship. Women will feel very bored, and think that you are just too predictable. Being too predictable to women, they will think that you have lost your attractiveness.

Now that you have known all these actions that will lead to losing your dream woman, please stop doing all of them right now, and you will start to see better results in your relationships.

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