Thursday, May 31, 2007

Getting her Phone Number or Email Address

To get a woman to give you her phone number or email address when you just get to know her is not as hard as you think. What is stopping you to get her number is only your fear of rejection. Let’s think about this.

What is the worst case scenario if you ask for her number, and she does not give it to you? Will she give you a tight slap and ask you to go away? She will most probably respond very coldly to you, or just walk away. Do you think that you as a guy cannot take this rejection with you? It is just typical WORST case and you will not get to lose anything.

You must remember that if she does not want to give you her number, the problem lies with her, not you. Maybe she is just busy, just in a bad mood, in a hurry, or just not available. These are things that you cannot control, and the fault does not lie in you.

Mindset is very important in the dating game. You will need to get it right first before I reveal to you the simple steps to get her number or email when you first get to know her.

When you meet a woman in the pub, and you have decided to ask for her number, do the following:

1. Tell her that you are going to join your friends back at your table. Turn away and walk off.

2. Just after you break eye contact with her, turn back and say “hey!”

3. As she looks up, say “do you HAVE an email?”

4. She will most probably say “yes”, and straight away pass a paper and pen to her and ask her to write it down. If she does, you are treating her “yes” as “yes, i will give it to you”. This is a smooth and easy way to ask for her email first.

5. As she is writing down her email, when she is about to write the “@” sign, tell her “write down your number too”. She will most probably give her number to you since she is already writing.

If she refuse to give you her email when you ask her, just say “It is ok, write it down, I will only send an email to you every 10 minutes for the next month.” Be cocky, as well as funny.

This “write-it down” method is a very useful technique that I have learnt. Try it out yourself and see the difference in your success rate in getting numbers.

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