Friday, May 11, 2007

Women Are Attracted to Men with Sense of Humour

So is it really true that a man with a sense of humour can attract women easier? I believed that there is a connection between making women laugh and making women feeling a powerful attraction to you.

Attraction is not a logical thing, as it is mostly ruled by emotions. One of the best ways to attract attractive women is to be funny, and leads them to feel the emotion of being attracted to you. So why are women more interested in men who are humorous?

Women feel attraction for a very different set of reasons when compared to men. While men focus more on looks, women tend to focus more on personality, self-esteem, confidence level, and other intangible characteristics men possess.

Women like guys who can make them laugh, especially when a guy is deemed by them to be a no-nonsense and serious bloke. When a guy who is serious all the time occasionally jokes around and makes a woman laughs, she will feel the childishness inside him, and feels that he is not hard to hang along after all.

Most of the guys, who are successful with women, were not afraid to make fun of attractive women, and even challenge them, rather than keep on showering them with compliments. They will usually do all the above things in a very funny way.

When men attract women using their sense of humour and put it in a cocky way, women will feel that they are funny, confident, intelligent, and comfortable to hang out with, which of course are all the qualities that lead to women feeling attracted to men.

Therefore, if you are a man who is reading this article, try the technique of communicating to women in a funny and cocky way. Continue to refine and perfect the technique and you will soon find more women talking to you, hanging out with you, and be around you.

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