Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to Get Women to Chase You?

To make women chasing you instead of you putting all the effort is not hard after all. There is one change you can make in your thinking and behavior that will definitely increase your success rate in attracting women.

This change is not a very difficult for you to do it, and is not something that will only work for a tall, good-looking guy who already has success with women. So what exactly is the change that you can make right away to attract women?

Women are attracted to men that they cannot control. They are not attracted to men that they can control. So in order to get women to chase you rather than you chasing them, you will need to change the way you think about attraction for women, especially in this aspect.

You need to believe that becoming a “bad boy” that women cannot control or anticipate your next move, will definitely increase your success rate in getting women as your girlfriends. I am not telling you to go out there and break women hearts, is just to let you understand that women will not be attracted to men that are too nice to them.

You must do something that's far more "subtle" than that and you'll have to learn the
techniques that go along with this mindset. Being too nice to women will position you to them as “yet another guy who likes them” kind of guy. You will not want to be seen in this manner and it will definitely jeopardize your success in attracting them.

So guys, take some time to adopt this particular mindset and start talking to women in a whole new approach. Tease them; be arrogant yet humorous at the same time. You will definitely reap the rewards if you can make this change.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to Get the Woman That You Really Want

I believe that all men have that one girl that they really want. It could be a beautiful and gorgeous soul mate of yours that you have known since college, or it could be that hot babe at your workplace.

But the dangerous thing here is, when there is just one girl that you want, it will become a hell lot tougher for you to get her. A lot of guys shoot themselves on their feet when come to the dating game when they focus on just one girl in their lives.

This narrow focus will kill whatever attraction she might have for you. You will seem like a very needy and desperate wuss in her eyes, which will greatly jeopardize your success of getting her to be your girlfriend.

Let me share with you some strategies that you can use right away to stop killing the natural attraction that girls have in you:

Strategy #1: Do not just think that one girl is all you will meet in your life.

Yes, she may be awesome, but I am pretty sure that there are tons of other girls out there who are just as great as she is, and you WILL definitely meet them.

Just remember that there are a lot of girls out there who are amazing too. This way you will not become too needy and desperate over her.

Strategy #2: Go out there and know more girls.

If she is the only dating prospect in your life right now, it will be tough for your not to worry about it. Therefore, the solution to solve this problem is to make yourself hang out with other girls so as to increase your network of dating prospects.

When you are surrounded by other women and lead a happy social life, you are attractive to women instantly. Create a challenge for the one girl that you really want. She’s the one who has to win your affections, not the other way round.

Strategy #3: Change Your Mindset About Dating and Women

Forget about neediness and loneliness. Have a better frame of mind and look at dating and women from another perspective. You will need to have a mindset that whatever attention or care that you give her, has been EARNED by her, not because of is natural for a man to act like this.

There is a saying that if a person does not put you in his or her priority in life, you should also not prioritize them high up there in your list. This applies to dating.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Get Physical with a Woman

I believe this is what most men wish to find out, about how to get physical with a woman. Most men are afraid that if they really like to do more, they will be perceive by the woman as a pervert or wants to push things too fast.

I know that we men hate the efforts of being rejected after we have invested so much time and effort that made us come so far with them. Therefore what most men will usually do is to wait and see, and hope that things will “heat up” again.

Let me tell you, you will not get what you want. Do you expect a woman to come to you and take off her clothes, and tell you “Let’s do it”? I seriously do not think so. I honestly believe that most men cause their own problems and resistance when it comes to "getting physical" with a woman.

Women like anticipation, and anticipation leads to sexual arousal. Women like to think what may happen and expect it to happen. Women act like they want a man to chase them around all night, and then MAYBE do it. So if you want her to feel more turned on, and to get less "resistance", then use ANTICIPATION.

So how to you create that anticipation that women want? You can simply do it by playing hard to get. Leads her on and then be passive. Let her anticipate what your next move is. By simply confusing her, she will more likely want you to do more so that she can solve her puzzle.

By acting in this manner, you will also be different from other guys that she has met before. At least, you are not a guy who does not understand how to turn on a woman.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Love Making Tips – How To Have A Passionate Love Making Session

To have a good love making session, most of the love making tips that are offered by experts will tell you that having the passion during the session is the KEY to it. When a love making session is passionate, your partner and you will feel the immense love and excitement in it.

But sad to say that once people are in the society, working their socks off to build their career, they tend to forget that passion is the KEY to good sex. When they get home, they will just have a quickie or impassionate sex just to get by the night. This kind of love making session is just plain boring, and it is not the way to build a healthy sex life.

Let me just share with you some of passionate love making tips that will spice up your sex life:

1. Try cross dressing. Everyone has his or her own sexual fantasy, be it having sex with a nurse for a man or with a solider for a woman. Talk to your partner and find out what is his or her fantasy. Then go out and invest in the respective kind of outfit that your partner fancies, and surprise him or her when both of you are just about to have sex.

2. Do it slowly.
Do not just rush through the love making session; it is just not romantic and passionate. Start by both having your tops and bottom on and slowly undress. Spend a considerable time on foreplay before both of you go into intercourse.

3. Set up the atmosphere. Spend some time before hand to do up the place of the night. Dim the light, and use scented candles. Play some romantic slow music where both of you are able to have a slow dance together.

These are just 3 tips to have a passionate and romantic love making session.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to Foreplay To Spice Her Up?

I have always tell my clients and list subscribers that foreplay plays a very important role if you want to have a enjoyable sexual experience with your partner.

Women like anticipation, especially on bed. Foreplay is all about creating anticipation. Here are four activities that every guy should know. Use these and any variations that you invent and she will never know what amazing thing you will do next.

1. Massage her. Massaging will help her to relax before having sex with you. By massaging areas like her feet, shoulders, back will definitely spice up the atmosphere. You do not have to be a professional masseuse to rub her back with good massage oil. Do not use baby oil as it will be too oily and do not use a lotion as it will absorb into her skin and will not stay slippery long enough. Light a candle and warm up the oil by rubbing it between your hands. Do not try to perform a deep muscle massage.

2. Caress her from the back.
Hug her from behind and do some sweet talk into her ears. Women like guys who are playful and creative. Do not rush to have sex, which will be a great turn-off to most women. While you are holding her, you can start to kiss her slowly from her neck down.

3. Undress her slowly. A lot of couples get into the rut of getting undressed and jumping into bed to start their romantic interludes. It does not matter if you have been married a day or 30 years; this time stop and kiss her while you are both standing up. Start undressing her while maintaining the kiss. It will bring back memories of dating and will be fun.

4. While both of you are on bed, take things slowly and enjoy yourselves. Treat her like you are having sex with her for the first time. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not to be rushed through. Tickle her, and kiss her all over. Be creative and both of you will definitely enjoy a fantastic night together.

Foreplay is a very important process before sex. A good foreplay can lead to a good sex, while a sex without foreplay is just plain and boring sex.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to Date Your Co Workers

It is very common to meet an opposite sex that you are interested at your workplace. You may be wondering how you can date her out; without making her think that you are too aggressive. I will share with you now what are the ways that you can use to approach this.

1. Get to know her more. Do not be too aggressive at the beginning if you do not get to her at all. Make her feel comfortable being with you around as a colleague first.

2. Make small jokes of her so as to break ice.

3. Whatever things that they tell you, try to remember them. Girls are impresses with guys who pay attention to what they are saying.

4. Make small talk; bring up normal things to talk about. For example, school, movies, or music.

5. Show interest in what they have interest for.

6. Do your research. Ask around to find out whether she has a boyfriend.

7. Ask her for her number. If she gives it to you, it is a good sign.

8. Once you get to know her more, ask her if she would like to hang out (on days off or before/after work).

9. If both of you have a good time while hanging out and she is available, try asking her to be your girlfriend.

10. If she needs more time, do not try to push her too much. Respect her decision and let her think about it. At the mean time, carry on with your life and do not make her think that your life is only revolving around her.

But if you get the chance to have her as your girlfriend, you must be prepared to face her at your workplace if you break up.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Have You Wondered How You Can Become An Alpha Male?

How can one become an alpha man, and what exactly is an alpha man?

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Is Playing Hard To Get - So Now What?

I believe you guys out there have probably met some women who played hard to get with you before, and you do not have a single clue why they behave in those manners, am I right?

Actually, it is very normal for women to play hard to get with us, Men. By playing hard to get with us, they can know a lot of things about us. For example, how serious are we in wooing them, are we determined enough, etc. They can also create more sparks by playing hard to get with us, as they think that they will make us miss and love them more!

Therefore, we have to accept the fact that women will always play hard to get with us, no matter whether do they like us or not. So it is very important to know what are the reasons behind them playing hard to get, because sometimes when a woman plays hard to get with a guy, she is simply not interested in him, and it is advisable for him to move on.

So whenever now if you meet a woman who plays hard to get with you (you most probably will meet one), the first thing is to know why she plays it, by judging her actions and analyzing the situation. Then from there, you can determined whether if she is worth the chase.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Break Up with Her Using Sensitivity

I know that for some guys, asking for a breakup is a very hard thing to say out.

Breaking up is always hard to take for anyone who is in a relationship. No one likes the feeling of being dumped, but break-ups are an unavoidable part of our lives. For you guys out there, it is very important to end a relationship properly to avoid future bad relationship karma.

1. Do it in person. To initial a break-up over the phone to her is harsh. Meet up with her and explain why the relationship between you and her does not work out.

2. Pick an appropriate place. Remember, ending a relationship is a humbling experience. Don't do it in a place where the person on the receiving end is going to feel more vulnerable than necessary.

3. Choose the right time. Try not to break up with her on special occasion or festive period, as you will not want her to remember you being so insensitive when every time that day rolls around.

4. Be honest. Tell her what does not work out. Let her understand that she will need to accept the truth and move on but do it in a sensitive way.

5. Keep your emotions in check. Don't seem too happy about the breakup: you'll come off as mean-spirited. Just be kind, caring, and considerate.

6. Don't over- react. Some people don't handle rejection well. Some people yell, scream, and cry. Do not react to their meltdown. Remember, rejection is tough. You've already got the upper hand by being the dumper. Let the dumpee behave ridiculously if they choose to. And if their tantrum escalates, get the heck out of there.

If you handle yourself well during the breakup, chances are you'll avoid any hard feelings with your ex. And while that may not seem so important at the time, it's vital to your future relationship karma!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to be Nice to a Girl?

Some girls like it when men treat them in a very gentlemanly nice way. There are a few ways that you can do to a girl, which will make her feels appreciated and attracted to you.

1. Be sincere. Mean what you say. Do not say things that you do not actually MEAN about her. If you don't have anything nice to say do not say anything at all. Remember, honesty really is the best policy

2. Respect her as a person. For every decision that she has made, respect her decision, because she has her own rights after all. So do not expect her to always agree with you. Do also treat her friends and family members with respect too, as you will most probably score more points in this way.

3. Express an interest in meeting her friends. Girls often call their friends girlfriends. They are close and without their friends approval you don't have hers. Try using some of these steps on them as well but not as much or you may seem to be a flirt.

4. Be attentive. When she talks to you, listen. Girls like guys who provide listening ears to them. Let them pour out their feelings to you, talk less, and listen more. Do not stop her while she is speaking, just listen to her.

5. Care for her, by opening the door for her, and pulling out the chair for her in restaurants, etc.

6. Be kind, and not just to the girl you are trying to impress. A better suggestion would simply be to be a nice person. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Small acts of kindness make a big impression.

Girls need to feel appreciated by a guy, and they need a lot of assurance. When they feel that you are nice to her in a way which is sincere, she will look at you in a very different way. But do not overdo it, and become a “puppy” to her.

Monday, July 2, 2007

How to Be Attractive to Women for a better future

In today post, I will talk about how men can be attractive to women in the dating game.

Women are attracted to guys who are confident, humorous, cool, and sexy. But not all women are attracted to these kinds of guys. Some women like guys who treat them bad, but some will not tolerate any nonsense from guys.

I know there are a lot of techniques out there, teaching you how to be attractive to a woman. They are mostly true, but it is just that you will need to see which type of women you are targeting. Once you know what type of girl is she, you can play accordingly to your techniques and emerge victorious.

Let me just share with you some of the ways that you can use so as to attract her.

1. Be nice and sincere. There is nothing sweeter to a woman than a genuinely kind man, if you know how to use it properly.

2. Be humorous. Make fun of her and crack funny jokes to her. Women like guys who have a sense of humor, so that they will feel entertained. But when you are cracking joke, make sure that the jokes are funny, and do not ever crack racist jokes.

3. Be different from other guys. Gorgeous women tend to have a lot of typical nice guys wooing them. They have most probably met hundreds of guys who use the same old pick-up lines. You need to be different if you want to capture her attention. One of the ways is to be cocky, but at the same time funny. Make fun of her when you first meet her, and make her feel that you are not intimidated by her.

4. Be observant to her. It shows you care enough to notice, or gives you a good opener in a bar.

5. Do not be nice in way that she will think that you are timid and a pushover. You must have your own sense of pride, directions, and confidence. These traits are just the perfect baits to attract women.

Nothing beats going out there and experiences it. You can read as many tricks and techniques as you wish, but if you never practise them, you are getting nowhere. Do not afraid of rejection, it is just part and parcel of the dating game.

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