Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to Get the Woman That You Really Want

I believe that all men have that one girl that they really want. It could be a beautiful and gorgeous soul mate of yours that you have known since college, or it could be that hot babe at your workplace.

But the dangerous thing here is, when there is just one girl that you want, it will become a hell lot tougher for you to get her. A lot of guys shoot themselves on their feet when come to the dating game when they focus on just one girl in their lives.

This narrow focus will kill whatever attraction she might have for you. You will seem like a very needy and desperate wuss in her eyes, which will greatly jeopardize your success of getting her to be your girlfriend.

Let me share with you some strategies that you can use right away to stop killing the natural attraction that girls have in you:

Strategy #1: Do not just think that one girl is all you will meet in your life.

Yes, she may be awesome, but I am pretty sure that there are tons of other girls out there who are just as great as she is, and you WILL definitely meet them.

Just remember that there are a lot of girls out there who are amazing too. This way you will not become too needy and desperate over her.

Strategy #2: Go out there and know more girls.

If she is the only dating prospect in your life right now, it will be tough for your not to worry about it. Therefore, the solution to solve this problem is to make yourself hang out with other girls so as to increase your network of dating prospects.

When you are surrounded by other women and lead a happy social life, you are attractive to women instantly. Create a challenge for the one girl that you really want. She’s the one who has to win your affections, not the other way round.

Strategy #3: Change Your Mindset About Dating and Women

Forget about neediness and loneliness. Have a better frame of mind and look at dating and women from another perspective. You will need to have a mindset that whatever attention or care that you give her, has been EARNED by her, not because of is natural for a man to act like this.

There is a saying that if a person does not put you in his or her priority in life, you should also not prioritize them high up there in your list. This applies to dating.

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