Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Get Physical with a Woman

I believe this is what most men wish to find out, about how to get physical with a woman. Most men are afraid that if they really like to do more, they will be perceive by the woman as a pervert or wants to push things too fast.

I know that we men hate the efforts of being rejected after we have invested so much time and effort that made us come so far with them. Therefore what most men will usually do is to wait and see, and hope that things will “heat up” again.

Let me tell you, you will not get what you want. Do you expect a woman to come to you and take off her clothes, and tell you “Let’s do it”? I seriously do not think so. I honestly believe that most men cause their own problems and resistance when it comes to "getting physical" with a woman.

Women like anticipation, and anticipation leads to sexual arousal. Women like to think what may happen and expect it to happen. Women act like they want a man to chase them around all night, and then MAYBE do it. So if you want her to feel more turned on, and to get less "resistance", then use ANTICIPATION.

So how to you create that anticipation that women want? You can simply do it by playing hard to get. Leads her on and then be passive. Let her anticipate what your next move is. By simply confusing her, she will more likely want you to do more so that she can solve her puzzle.

By acting in this manner, you will also be different from other guys that she has met before. At least, you are not a guy who does not understand how to turn on a woman.

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