Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to Get Women to Chase You?

To make women chasing you instead of you putting all the effort is not hard after all. There is one change you can make in your thinking and behavior that will definitely increase your success rate in attracting women.

This change is not a very difficult for you to do it, and is not something that will only work for a tall, good-looking guy who already has success with women. So what exactly is the change that you can make right away to attract women?

Women are attracted to men that they cannot control. They are not attracted to men that they can control. So in order to get women to chase you rather than you chasing them, you will need to change the way you think about attraction for women, especially in this aspect.

You need to believe that becoming a “bad boy” that women cannot control or anticipate your next move, will definitely increase your success rate in getting women as your girlfriends. I am not telling you to go out there and break women hearts, is just to let you understand that women will not be attracted to men that are too nice to them.

You must do something that's far more "subtle" than that and you'll have to learn the
techniques that go along with this mindset. Being too nice to women will position you to them as “yet another guy who likes them” kind of guy. You will not want to be seen in this manner and it will definitely jeopardize your success in attracting them.

So guys, take some time to adopt this particular mindset and start talking to women in a whole new approach. Tease them; be arrogant yet humorous at the same time. You will definitely reap the rewards if you can make this change.

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