Monday, July 2, 2007

How to Be Attractive to Women for a better future

In today post, I will talk about how men can be attractive to women in the dating game.

Women are attracted to guys who are confident, humorous, cool, and sexy. But not all women are attracted to these kinds of guys. Some women like guys who treat them bad, but some will not tolerate any nonsense from guys.

I know there are a lot of techniques out there, teaching you how to be attractive to a woman. They are mostly true, but it is just that you will need to see which type of women you are targeting. Once you know what type of girl is she, you can play accordingly to your techniques and emerge victorious.

Let me just share with you some of the ways that you can use so as to attract her.

1. Be nice and sincere. There is nothing sweeter to a woman than a genuinely kind man, if you know how to use it properly.

2. Be humorous. Make fun of her and crack funny jokes to her. Women like guys who have a sense of humor, so that they will feel entertained. But when you are cracking joke, make sure that the jokes are funny, and do not ever crack racist jokes.

3. Be different from other guys. Gorgeous women tend to have a lot of typical nice guys wooing them. They have most probably met hundreds of guys who use the same old pick-up lines. You need to be different if you want to capture her attention. One of the ways is to be cocky, but at the same time funny. Make fun of her when you first meet her, and make her feel that you are not intimidated by her.

4. Be observant to her. It shows you care enough to notice, or gives you a good opener in a bar.

5. Do not be nice in way that she will think that you are timid and a pushover. You must have your own sense of pride, directions, and confidence. These traits are just the perfect baits to attract women.

Nothing beats going out there and experiences it. You can read as many tricks and techniques as you wish, but if you never practise them, you are getting nowhere. Do not afraid of rejection, it is just part and parcel of the dating game.

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