Friday, July 20, 2007

Love Making Tips – How To Have A Passionate Love Making Session

To have a good love making session, most of the love making tips that are offered by experts will tell you that having the passion during the session is the KEY to it. When a love making session is passionate, your partner and you will feel the immense love and excitement in it.

But sad to say that once people are in the society, working their socks off to build their career, they tend to forget that passion is the KEY to good sex. When they get home, they will just have a quickie or impassionate sex just to get by the night. This kind of love making session is just plain boring, and it is not the way to build a healthy sex life.

Let me just share with you some of passionate love making tips that will spice up your sex life:

1. Try cross dressing. Everyone has his or her own sexual fantasy, be it having sex with a nurse for a man or with a solider for a woman. Talk to your partner and find out what is his or her fantasy. Then go out and invest in the respective kind of outfit that your partner fancies, and surprise him or her when both of you are just about to have sex.

2. Do it slowly.
Do not just rush through the love making session; it is just not romantic and passionate. Start by both having your tops and bottom on and slowly undress. Spend a considerable time on foreplay before both of you go into intercourse.

3. Set up the atmosphere. Spend some time before hand to do up the place of the night. Dim the light, and use scented candles. Play some romantic slow music where both of you are able to have a slow dance together.

These are just 3 tips to have a passionate and romantic love making session.

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beautiful girl said...

Good tips to make good sex relationship with your partner.

Love Teacher said...

Great tips.
I never heard about tips like this and that looks very interesting to me.

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