Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Is Playing Hard To Get - So Now What?

I believe you guys out there have probably met some women who played hard to get with you before, and you do not have a single clue why they behave in those manners, am I right?

Actually, it is very normal for women to play hard to get with us, Men. By playing hard to get with us, they can know a lot of things about us. For example, how serious are we in wooing them, are we determined enough, etc. They can also create more sparks by playing hard to get with us, as they think that they will make us miss and love them more!

Therefore, we have to accept the fact that women will always play hard to get with us, no matter whether do they like us or not. So it is very important to know what are the reasons behind them playing hard to get, because sometimes when a woman plays hard to get with a guy, she is simply not interested in him, and it is advisable for him to move on.

So whenever now if you meet a woman who plays hard to get with you (you most probably will meet one), the first thing is to know why she plays it, by judging her actions and analyzing the situation. Then from there, you can determined whether if she is worth the chase.

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