Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Should I pay if I Go out on a Date with a Woman?

I am pretty sure that every guy has this question in his min d, “should I pay for her meals when we are out on a date?” In this post, I will talk about the topic of paying for things for women.

This includes paying for dinners, flowers, taking her out for a show, buying her gifts, etc. Most guys feel obliged to pay for women whenever they are out with them. They will feel obliged to buy them gifts if they are wooing them.

Now my question for you is: “Should you pay?” Before you answer my questions, I believed that the reason behind paying for women is probably guys want something in return. For example, they will want to leave a good impression in the eyes of their dates.

But the fact is, if you pay for things for women that you have just met or don’t know, you will send a signal to them that you are trying too hard and will instinctively play hard to get with you. Attractive women are very perceptive. They can usually size up a guy in a matter of seconds. Women instantly recognize it when they are dealing with a man who feels the need to “buy her attention” and they usually will play hard to get with him.

Therefore the intention behind the actions of paying for women is very important. You cannot let your woman thinks that you are using paying for things as “baits” or “bribes”.

Consider the following 2 ways to when you want to ask a woman out for a dinner.

  1. “Can I take you out for a dinner this weekend?”
  2. “I am thinking of going out for dinner this weekend at one of my favourite restaurant, and you should join me.”

The first way implies that you are TAKING her to dinner. The second way implies that you are living your own life, doing your own things, and if she would like to come along, she is welcome. The second way clearly does not make you sound like a needy guy who needs her company and therefore want to pay for her dinner as “baits” to ask her out.

It will be much better to allow her to feel attracted to you, without the distraction and expense. You will not need to be paying all the things for women if you want to be successful in relationships.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Short Guys Do Attract Hot Women

Almost every girl in this world will tell you that she will not be willing to date guys who are shorter than her. Those girls will tell you that the most attractive and important physical trait that a guy must have is HEIGHT.

Many of my female friends have told me that they will not even consider dating men who are of same height of them.

But when it comes into reality, this is not true. Most women say that they will not date shorter guys, but it is by no means “A Rule”, and your height does not have to be something that gets in the way of you dating women you want.

Just take a walk in town and have a look around. There are guys out there who do not seem to be very tall, but their partners are none other than those gorgeous ladies.

This issue is very similar to another age-old paradox. I am sure that you have heard women saying that they will only date “nice guys”. But how often this paradox turns out to be the exact opposite?

Just as nearly every woman that you ask tells you that she wants to date a “nice guy”, nearly every woman will tell you that she must date a guy who is taller than her.

You do not need to be tall, rich, famous or good-looking, as long as you know how to handle women and play the game; you will have the upper hand. Research on the Internet, there are so much information for you to learn on how to handle relationship and women. Absorb what you read and apply them.

Therefore, if you do not have the height, do not give up your hope. Believe in yourself that you can date women of the same height or even taller than you, and you will eventually succeed.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reasons Why Dating is not Fair for Men

In reality, life is not fair, as well as dating. Therefore if you are expecting everything to go your way during a relationship, I can tell you that it is impossible.

Fairness is an idea that people have created. I think we probably created the concept to torture ourselves, in fact.

Let me give you a few examples of why life isn’t fair, as the concept relates to women and dating:

  1. Some of the men are ugly, but you will see them walking down the street with a gorgeous lady of your dream.

  1. Many men go through their entire life without having sex.

  1. Some men have sex with thousands of different women, how unfair.

  1. Some men are neither rich nor tall, but they just know how to attract those gorgeous ladies.

  1. Women tend to prefer taller men.

  1. If you are filthy rich and driving around the city in Ferraris, you can basically attract any women that you want. How unfair for those who take public transport.

As you can see from the above points, life is not fair at all. Dating isn’t fair either.

  1. Sometimes when you treat a woman too nice, she will leave you because she feels that there is no spark at all.

  1. Sometimes she will react positively and nice to you, but the next time, she can just give you a cold shoulder.

  1. Sometimes when you think that you have done enough to secure a woman by your side, but the very next day you find out that her heart has been taken by someone else.

I know that no one likes to admit that life is unfair. We will hope that everything goes in our way, and get upset when things don’t. This is crazy and impossible.

Therefore do not worry too much. If life is fair and destined, then you will not be able to change anything and improve your life.

So the bottom line is: dating is not fair, and this is good news. When you turn the table around to your favor, you can create success that most men will only dream about.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fear of Rejection VS Actual Rejection

Most men cannot take rejections; their ego will burst with every rejection that they get. The idea of walking up to a woman in the pub and having her reject you causes more men to feel sickness in their stomach and plunge them into deep pit, never again regain their egos and self-esteems.

Therefore to ensure the above nightmare does not happen, most men will psych themselves up for half an hour by either downing alcohol or doing speech rehearsals before approaching women.

But when the moment comes to actually do it, everything changes. The heart rate shoots up, breathing quickens, thoughts of rejections feel the mind, and eventually the pressure becomes too much to bare.

Most men find this state so scary, and so eventually give up approaching women, and end up feeling down. They give up without even trying.

There is a point that I will like to find out, one is the Fear of Rejection and the other one is the Actual Rejection. Actual Rejection is having a woman talking to you in an offending, rude or upset manner. Fear of Rejection is having your little mind inside your head imagining all sorts of ways that women may reject you.

In reality, the Fear of Rejection is far more difficult to handle when compared to an Actual Rejection. Just ask yourself, how many times in your life when approaching women, you have got an Actual Rejection when compared to you walking away due to Fear of Rejection?

Most of the times when men start to talk to women, women are pretty fine with the whole affair after all. Men aren’t “rejected” often! Out of the hundreds of times that I have approached women, I cannot remember a single time when a woman simply asks me to “Get Lost!”

So it is really no big deal when you know the fact now. Even if she actually rejects you, it does not mean end of the world whatsoever, simple just move on, because you know that there will be more women out there who are willing to make friend with you!

5 Secrets to Date a Younger Woman

Why do some guys want to date women who are much younger than them? The reason behind this is because a younger woman can bring an amazing energy, vibe, and a youthful atmosphere to a man.

I know that there will be people thinking that dating a woman who is 10 years younger than you is gross. But everyone has their own opinions. There will be some women who only date guys who are 10 years older than them! Therefore, do not let other people opinions distract you.

Younger girls prefer guys who are older than them, because they will feel that guys who are older than them are more mature. The traits that attract women are most probably being found in older men, for example traits like higher status, confidence, leadership, and many more.

Let me share with you 5 secrets when dating a younger woman:

  1. Be cool. Do not act too serious. Be yourself, but shows the other side of you. Imagine that you are back to school again. Women will find that although you are mature in term of age, but you are actually fun to hang out with as you still got the “young touch”.
  2. Let her come to you, do not chase her. Do make the move too early. Be laid back and play hard to get.
  3. Be chivalrous. Open doors, walking on the outside of the curbs, and pulling out chairs for them will make a big impression in women. When you combine a powerful presence with chivalrous, you will make yourself very attractive to women.
  4. Tease her, and make fun of her. Say all the things that you do not have the chance to say when you are a freshman. Call her on everything that she does, or says that it is immature.
  5. Do not interfere or control their lives. Younger women do not like to be controlled, as they have just got away from the “claws” of their parents. Give them rooms, and let them come to you, do not force them.

Understand attraction and you are on your way to date your dream young woman.

Reasons of Why Women Play Hard To Get During Relationships

Most of the women think that playing hard to get is just a game and necessary in a relationship so as to create sparks.

But there are many others reasons that we men need to know so that we can also play by the same game and win it.

So let me share with you some of the reasons why women play hard to get with men:

1. One of the reasons that she plays hard to get with you is because she wants you to cherish her more.

Women just want you to be more aware of her emotional side, and try to win over affection rather than she gives in too easily to you.

She might also not want you to take her for granted if she say “Yes” to you too early in a courtship.

So understand this reason, and be patient. You will definitely succeed if you show your sincerity to her.

2. Another reason maybe she wants to make more time to look for a better catch. There are so many guys around, what makes you think that she must say “Yes” to just only you? What is so special about you?

Sometimes she just wants to get more security and assurance from you before she decides on you. Give her the time; do not force her to make a decision.

3. She does not want to make the first move. Just imagine this. You are in a pub and you get to see a gorgeous lady sitting along at the bar counter.

You exchange some eye contacts with her but she does not seem very interested. Are you going to think that you cannot get to know this lady even more in depth? Are you going to think that she is playing hard to get and therefore it is not worth your effort to know her more?

She may just be waiting for you to make the initial move to go over to the bar counter and talk to her. She may think that if she gives in or open up too fast for you, she may lose the attractiveness and respect from you.

Observe the women that you meet in the future. Determine whether they are just playing hard to get because they want to get assurance from you, or are they just playing around.

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