Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reasons Why Dating is not Fair for Men

In reality, life is not fair, as well as dating. Therefore if you are expecting everything to go your way during a relationship, I can tell you that it is impossible.

Fairness is an idea that people have created. I think we probably created the concept to torture ourselves, in fact.

Let me give you a few examples of why life isn’t fair, as the concept relates to women and dating:

  1. Some of the men are ugly, but you will see them walking down the street with a gorgeous lady of your dream.

  1. Many men go through their entire life without having sex.

  1. Some men have sex with thousands of different women, how unfair.

  1. Some men are neither rich nor tall, but they just know how to attract those gorgeous ladies.

  1. Women tend to prefer taller men.

  1. If you are filthy rich and driving around the city in Ferraris, you can basically attract any women that you want. How unfair for those who take public transport.

As you can see from the above points, life is not fair at all. Dating isn’t fair either.

  1. Sometimes when you treat a woman too nice, she will leave you because she feels that there is no spark at all.

  1. Sometimes she will react positively and nice to you, but the next time, she can just give you a cold shoulder.

  1. Sometimes when you think that you have done enough to secure a woman by your side, but the very next day you find out that her heart has been taken by someone else.

I know that no one likes to admit that life is unfair. We will hope that everything goes in our way, and get upset when things don’t. This is crazy and impossible.

Therefore do not worry too much. If life is fair and destined, then you will not be able to change anything and improve your life.

So the bottom line is: dating is not fair, and this is good news. When you turn the table around to your favor, you can create success that most men will only dream about.

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