Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5 Secrets to Date a Younger Woman

Why do some guys want to date women who are much younger than them? The reason behind this is because a younger woman can bring an amazing energy, vibe, and a youthful atmosphere to a man.

I know that there will be people thinking that dating a woman who is 10 years younger than you is gross. But everyone has their own opinions. There will be some women who only date guys who are 10 years older than them! Therefore, do not let other people opinions distract you.

Younger girls prefer guys who are older than them, because they will feel that guys who are older than them are more mature. The traits that attract women are most probably being found in older men, for example traits like higher status, confidence, leadership, and many more.

Let me share with you 5 secrets when dating a younger woman:

  1. Be cool. Do not act too serious. Be yourself, but shows the other side of you. Imagine that you are back to school again. Women will find that although you are mature in term of age, but you are actually fun to hang out with as you still got the “young touch”.
  2. Let her come to you, do not chase her. Do make the move too early. Be laid back and play hard to get.
  3. Be chivalrous. Open doors, walking on the outside of the curbs, and pulling out chairs for them will make a big impression in women. When you combine a powerful presence with chivalrous, you will make yourself very attractive to women.
  4. Tease her, and make fun of her. Say all the things that you do not have the chance to say when you are a freshman. Call her on everything that she does, or says that it is immature.
  5. Do not interfere or control their lives. Younger women do not like to be controlled, as they have just got away from the “claws” of their parents. Give them rooms, and let them come to you, do not force them.

Understand attraction and you are on your way to date your dream young woman.

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