Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fear of Rejection VS Actual Rejection

Most men cannot take rejections; their ego will burst with every rejection that they get. The idea of walking up to a woman in the pub and having her reject you causes more men to feel sickness in their stomach and plunge them into deep pit, never again regain their egos and self-esteems.

Therefore to ensure the above nightmare does not happen, most men will psych themselves up for half an hour by either downing alcohol or doing speech rehearsals before approaching women.

But when the moment comes to actually do it, everything changes. The heart rate shoots up, breathing quickens, thoughts of rejections feel the mind, and eventually the pressure becomes too much to bare.

Most men find this state so scary, and so eventually give up approaching women, and end up feeling down. They give up without even trying.

There is a point that I will like to find out, one is the Fear of Rejection and the other one is the Actual Rejection. Actual Rejection is having a woman talking to you in an offending, rude or upset manner. Fear of Rejection is having your little mind inside your head imagining all sorts of ways that women may reject you.

In reality, the Fear of Rejection is far more difficult to handle when compared to an Actual Rejection. Just ask yourself, how many times in your life when approaching women, you have got an Actual Rejection when compared to you walking away due to Fear of Rejection?

Most of the times when men start to talk to women, women are pretty fine with the whole affair after all. Men aren’t “rejected” often! Out of the hundreds of times that I have approached women, I cannot remember a single time when a woman simply asks me to “Get Lost!”

So it is really no big deal when you know the fact now. Even if she actually rejects you, it does not mean end of the world whatsoever, simple just move on, because you know that there will be more women out there who are willing to make friend with you!

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