Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reasons of Why Women Play Hard To Get During Relationships

Most of the women think that playing hard to get is just a game and necessary in a relationship so as to create sparks.

But there are many others reasons that we men need to know so that we can also play by the same game and win it.

So let me share with you some of the reasons why women play hard to get with men:

1. One of the reasons that she plays hard to get with you is because she wants you to cherish her more.

Women just want you to be more aware of her emotional side, and try to win over affection rather than she gives in too easily to you.

She might also not want you to take her for granted if she say “Yes” to you too early in a courtship.

So understand this reason, and be patient. You will definitely succeed if you show your sincerity to her.

2. Another reason maybe she wants to make more time to look for a better catch. There are so many guys around, what makes you think that she must say “Yes” to just only you? What is so special about you?

Sometimes she just wants to get more security and assurance from you before she decides on you. Give her the time; do not force her to make a decision.

3. She does not want to make the first move. Just imagine this. You are in a pub and you get to see a gorgeous lady sitting along at the bar counter.

You exchange some eye contacts with her but she does not seem very interested. Are you going to think that you cannot get to know this lady even more in depth? Are you going to think that she is playing hard to get and therefore it is not worth your effort to know her more?

She may just be waiting for you to make the initial move to go over to the bar counter and talk to her. She may think that if she gives in or open up too fast for you, she may lose the attractiveness and respect from you.

Observe the women that you meet in the future. Determine whether they are just playing hard to get because they want to get assurance from you, or are they just playing around.

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