Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to Flirt With Her?

Flirting is part and parcel of the dating game. It is used to express sexual or romantic interest in the other person. There are a few ways to flirt with her, such as using body languages, conversation, or physical contact. The flirting process is a very important in the success of a relationship.

The main objective of flirting is to speak and act in a way that improves the intimacy between you and her. This will smooth the path for you to turn your friendship with her into a relationship.

One of the best ways to flirt with her is to use the Casual Touching technique, like touching one’s hair. So why is this way so good? This technique is usually very subtle, and she will usually do not think too much into it. But by having those little physical contacts with her, you are actually putting “anchors” on her.

So what do I mean by placing anchors on her? By casually touching her arms gently, she will feel somehow connected to you. When you keep on touching her on the same place, as time goes by, she will connect the action of you touching her arm with you. Therefore whenever she sees you, she will expect you to touch her on the same place, which in this case the arm.

As you know, having physical contact with a woman is definitely a good way to create a chance for yourself to have a relationship with her. But if you do it too aggressively, you will most probably get a big tight slap from her. Therefore, the Casual Touching technique will be very handy in this situation.

There are also some other flirting techniques such as maintaining eye contact, smiling at her, teasing her in a confident manner, winking, and giving her special gifts.

Master the techniques of flirting and you are on your way to victory in the dating game.

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