Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How To Talk To Her Without Stammering

It is the biggest fear of men to stammer when they are having a conversation with women. Reasons that you will stammer in front of women are because you are not confident in yourself and do not know how to talk to women.

To have a great conversation with a woman is not that hard at all. Women like men who provide listening ears to them as they share their emotions and feelings to them. For you to have a great conversation with her, the first thing you will need to do is to tell yourself to listen more than you talk.

Women do not need you to comment or tell them what to do, they will rather you sit there and listen to them. But you do not just sit there like a dumb-ass; do some actions and shows that you are actually paying attention to her. I am going to share with you some of the steps that you need to do when you are in a conversation with a woman so as to have a great conversation with her.

1. Try to understand what she is interested in, and forget about yourself for a moment. Focus the attention to her and give her sincere complementation.

2. Listen attentively. Remember, talk less, and listen more. Response to what she say with simple words like "Yes", or "I understand". This shows that you are actually paying attention to what she is saying to you.

3. Respond cleverly when she asks for your opinions, by paraphrasing what you have heard from her in your own words. It shows respect for her when you use your "speaking turn" to show you have been listening and not just to say something new.

4. Knows when the time for you to speak is. This is a very important step as sometimes she will run out of topics to talk to you. In this case, you will need to carry on and lead the conversation instead. One of the ways to carry on with the conversation is to ask questions according to how much you get to know her, and let her gives you the answers.

5. Remember to have eye contact with her. Having eye contact when you are in a conversation with a woman is definitely a great way to seduce her. If you are sitting close to her, you may want to have slight body contact with her.

Talking to a woman is not that hard at all as long as you shut the little voice inside of you that tell you “You cannot do it”. Believe in yourself, you can do it. Women are just human being after all.

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