Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have the Confidence In Yourself Before You Approach Women....

Many men have problems when it comes to approaching women. They find that the art of approaching women is one of the hardest techniques that they can master successfully. To successfully approach women, it is not as hard as you may think.

There are various reasons why your effort to approach a particular woman ends in vain. One of the most common reason is that you do not even trust yourself in the beginning.

Are you having the following thoughts in your mind before you approach a woman?

1. "I will definitely stammer later."
2. "I am too ugly to attract her."
3. "What is she rejects me?"
4. "She will not like a poor man like me."

If you are having any one of the above thoughts, get rid of it now. They are not real but just some imaginative, demorailzing and destroying thoughts.

Have confidence in yourself, and do not let any of the self-limiting reason above to stop you from approaching women. All you need to do is to step up to the woman and casually start a conversation with her.

To successfully approach woman, you will need to make her feel that you are not trying to date her. Don't use pickup lines that sound sleazy, and this will straight away give you away.

Show her that you are just being friendly and trying to know more friends. Dress well and be confident, you will eventually succeed.

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