Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Women Play Hard To Get – Part 2

If you are able to get something very easily, do you think you will treasure it more than something that you have spent so much effort and time that you finally get it?

When you were a kid, did you really cherish the things that you could easily get from your daddy? Or would you cherish something that you had spent time to strive for?

In relationship, this theory applies... Women want guys to cherish them more... They do not want to be seen as "easy targets".

Just imagine that you are so good that all women always say "Yes" to you. But one day, you met a girl who is so confident about herself and reject you straight in your face...

Do you feel that it’s a challenge and therefore raises your adrenalin of wanting this special lady 10 TIMES more badly than anyone else?

If she just sleeps with you after one night, and returns all your calls and texts every time, you will lose the interest in her as you know that the hunt is over.

Sometimes, a woman just wants to make you more aware of her emotional side. You have to "WORK" more for her affections as it is human nature to cherish something that you have worked for than just something you can get off the shelf.

Always remember that women are considered the most emotional creatures in this world! So satisfy their craving for emotional security.

She might also not want to let you have the feeling of taking her for granted if she says yes to you too early in the courtship. Let me illustrate why this is so.
From a simple survey that I have conducted between 10 guys, 8 of them said that they will not cherish their girlfriends if they are too easy to get.

Now do you know why she feels insecure if she agrees to be your girlfriend too early in the courtship?

To be continued…

This is an excerpt of my book "29 Reasons Why Women Play Hard To Get". You can find out more about this book from the link below:

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