Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Women Play Hard To Get – Part 3

The woman that you have interest in may have a bad history or experience with men.

She can either have been hurt badly in her past relationships or she may have seen how her friends have been cheated on.

She may also have seen how men boost about their capabilities in getting women on bed and ditching them right after that.

Therefore it is natural that before she commits into a relationship with you, she will want to know if you are trustworthy so that she will not get hurt.

In this case, her distrust in men will urge her to have the idea of playing hard to get with you.

A woman who has gone through such bad times and experiences in relationship tends to hold back more than anyone else. She may be trying her very best to overcome her own insecurity and fear by testing your intentions or commitment in this courtship.

Only when all her fears and doubts are gone, she will then be able to face and start a future relationship with you. Therefore what you need to do is to assist her in getting over her past and look forward for a new relationship with you.

But in some cases, women will have the mentality of leading men on even though they do not like them. Therefore there will be a possibility of her venting her anger out on you as she plots her revenge on guys. This type of girl is the scariest, and is best that you leave her alone and go look for some other normal ladies out there.

To be continued...

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