Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Is Body Language So Important in Dating?

Body language does really play a very important role when you are dating women, because majority of human communication is non-verbal. Your body language reveals a lot about your personality, and what exactly you are communicating to women.

By judging a person body language, you will have a glimpse of an idea whether he or she has just broken up with their loves one, or have just gotten into a relationship that he or she wants.

Therefore when it comes to dating, men should pay a lot of attention of what they are communicating to women non-verbally, that is through their body language. Communication non-verbally can happen very subtlety, and that is why you must really know what body language consists of so that you will not give out the wrong body language signal:

1. Your face. Relax your facial muscles and never ever tense your jaw.

2. Your voice. Speak in a calm, slow and confident manner. Do not strain your voice, or try to put up some funny accent.

3. The placement of your body. Try to take up more space by spreading your legs and arms.

4. Your shoulders. Do not raise your shoulders unnecessarily as it will imply to the woman that you are a very nervous person. Keep them relax at all times.

5. Your overall body movement. Do not make it seems that you are rushing for time. Move through the world doing what you want, and assume that others will follow.

If your body language does not match what you say, you will not succeed with women. If you are excited about something that a woman says, show it with the right body language. If you show it by slumping over and folding your arms, then you will come across very fake.

With the right body language and mindset, it means you will be comfortable and enjoying yourself... with the woman, and succeed in the dating game...

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