Wednesday, October 31, 2007

4 Tips On Overcoming Shyness On Your First Date With Your Girl

If you want to stand a chance to establish a good impression in the eyes of the girl that you are dating, you will need to successfully overcome shyness on your first date.

You will not want to think that you are just a small timid boy, as this will greatly destroy any of your chance to successfully make her your girlfriend. Therefore, overcoming shyness should be your top priority before you go on your date with her.

Usually the fear that you feel when shyness hits you is usually much worse than what you will expect in the reality. Shyness is not real at all, and there is nothing that you should be afraid of. Why are you afraid to meet a girl? It is nothing near life and death...

To overcome shyness on your first date, you will need to confront your fear directly:

1. Dress up yourself. When you feel that you look good before a date, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will tend to talk more confidently and show that you are in control.

2. Choose to eliminate any negative thoughts. For once, tell yourself that you will only think of the positives. Throw all negatives thoughts, fears, and rejections out of the window. Approach your first date with absolute confidence and optimism.

3. Plan for your very first date. Before the first date, make sure that you do the necessary preparation. Find out as much as possible about what she likes, what are her hobbies, what is her lifestyle, etc. With all these information, you will be able to come out with topics to talk about during the date so as to eliminate any awkwardness of silence.

4. Give yourself more respect. You will need to love and respect yourself more. There is nothing wrong about feeling shy in dating, and it does not mean that you are inferior in anyway. Combat your fear of shyness and overcome it.

By overcoming your shyness on your first date, she will see you as a man who is confident, composed, and able to take the lead. All these elements will create the attraction that is necessary for her to fall for you.

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