Friday, September 7, 2007

4 Hot Tips To Have Mind-Blowing Sex With Your Lover Tonight...

Love making is such a wonderful experience that it will be absolutely disastrous if it becomes a boring routine for couples. A very common problem for couples (especially those who have been together for q few years) is that love making has become so boring that they have completely lose the passion and drive to make love with each other...

When a couple is deeply in love, love making can build a more lovely and stronger relationship. During love making, couples will be experiencing the most intimate moment with one another... There is a saying that love making will be a total different experience if you are doing it with someone you really love... Very true indeed.

So for couples who are deeply in love, don't you think it is a waste if you are not having these intimate moments with your love ones? When the passion for sex dies, it will affect the relationship in some way or another... and excuses such as "i am too tired", "not tonight", "kids are sleeping" will emerge so as not hide the real truth behind it... Sometimes, these cases will result to affairs and unfaithful activities.

So how to save your sex life? Let me just share with you 4 simple tips to you:

1) Re-create the romantic atmosphere. Recall back the places/scenes where you make out with your lover when both of you just got together. Spend some effort to act out the scene with your lover or take him or her back to the places to bring back some memories.

2) Have a heart-to-heart talk with your lover. Tell your lover how it is affecting you and the relationship, and how the both of you can bring back exciting sex life together. Suggest to your lover some of the ideas that you have and ask for his or her feedbacks.

3) A prolonged foreplay. This is a very important activity if you do not want your sex to be boring again. Do not skip or rush through foreplay. Foreplay creates the anticipation and desire for sex, and it will go a long way to help both of you to achieve mind-blowing sex if it is done properly.

4) Add some spice into your sex life.
You need to bring in elements of fun, anticipation and excitement into your sex life to kill off boredom completely. Playing sex games is a good way to bring excitement and fun into the bedroom... Cross -dressing and role playing can make the whole sexual experience fore erotic and exciting.

Your lover deserves more than just a boring sex routine... Spend some effort to light up the fire again.. Do not let bad sex life be the catalyst to destroy your relationship with your lover.

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What you have written about relationship between a couple is true said. Tips are fantastic and effective too, i hope so.

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