Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to Be A Man Who All Women Desire For?

One important advice that I must share with all men is that every man should behave like a MAN. Women do not like guys who behave like small little boys. In addition to learning "pick up" techniques, it is very important to learn how to cultivate a specific personality which is attractive to women....

So why do women like a REAL MAN? It is simple. When you behave like a man, you will be oozing with confidence, which strongly appeals to women. When women see those virtues of a real man in you, Attraction occurs. If you want to bring anything further than friendship with a woman, you need to create Attraction.

So let me just share with you some characteristics which a real man has:

1. Displaying leadership. A man knows how to lead people, and brings the best out of them.

2. Have a lot of self-confidence. A man is optimistic, and believes in himself but he is still humble enough to be thankful for what he has

3. Have own beliefs and directions.
A man is goal oriented and works towards his goals without bothering the judgments of other people.

4. Able to stay calm in circumstances. A man displays calmness under pressure regardless of what's happening around him.

5. Not intimidated by any women who he just met. A man will not be intimidated by women he just met by being a wuss.

6. Decisive. A man is able to make decision; even it is a painful decision.

7. Have a passion for life. A man enjoy his own life, does not revolve his life just around a woman.

8. Honor and integrity. A man has a certain level of pride in him, and will not do anything that go against his conscious.

Becoming a man is one of the most important steps you can take towards attracting ANY woman. So make sure that you try to develop these traits in you.

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