Saturday, September 8, 2007

Over Possessives Kills a Relationship

One of the best dating advices that I can give to you if you are currently in a relationship, is to not be overly possessive. By being over possessive is not just only restricting your lover from meeting or having close contact with any opposite sex, it also involves taking the freedom of life away from your lover.

I have seen a woman who can just find excuses to quarrel with her boyfriend just because he is late for home. It is absolutely rubbish. It does not make sense at all, by giving an adult a time to be home. An adult has his or her own right to do whatever he or she wants, and take any responsibility of it.

There are also other kinds of over possessiveness. A party clings to another party so closely whereby wherever the other party goes; he or she will want to follow, if not a quarrel will occur.

Get alive. Although you are in a relationship, you will still need to respect the freedom of your lover. It will be very unfair if you just force him or her to change the way he or she lives.

There may not be any problem when both of you are in a very early stage of a relationship, because you are still in the “honeymoon” period. But trust me, if you keep on forcing a change on how your lover lives, sooner or later your lover will get sick and tired of you. Your relationship will then end.

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