Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to Make A Woman Loves You More Than You Love Her?

A lot of guys think that by just showering flowers and expensive gifts, taking her out for an expensive dinner will make a woman loves him. Now let me make this very clear. The BEST way to get a woman to fall in love has NOTHING to with buying her fancy gifts.

If you just got to know a woman, and immediately do nice things for her, like showering her with expensive gifts and flowers, you are showing that you are paying for her attention. I am not saying not to treat women nice. But what matters is the TIMING, and all these gifts and dinners do not form the main reasons to make a woman loves you more than you love her.

So what exactly is the thing that men should have or do, so that he will stand a higher chance to get a woman to love him? It is simple. Create ATTRACTION. Before you can even think about love and romance, you have to make her attracted to you. If you do not build attraction, then you can forget about getting her to fall in love.

Buying gifts and taking her to fancy dinner cannot trigger attraction. What you will need to do is to demonstrate all the classic signs which women find extremely attractive, for examples:

1. Have self-confidence.
Women like men who are confident with themselves and what they do.

2. Be humorous, but with a touch of arrogance. This will show that you are intimidated by her presence, and with this, you will clearly differentiate yourself from other guys who try to date her.

3. Have your own exciting life. Do not show that your life just only revolves around her. Go out there and meet new women, and enjoy your life. Life is too short to stay still.

4. Be strong.
I am not referring to physically, but mentally. You will need to demonstrate strength in you, and have your own directions.

Remember, if you want to know how to make a woman love you, simply focus on getting her attracted to you. You will be surprised with the results.

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