Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is Fellatio?

Today, let us discuss something about sexuality... So do you know what is fellatio?

Fellatio is An Experience Every Man Wants... It it the proper term for blow job, or oral sex for men.

Many men feel that fellatio is the cornerstone of a great sexual relationship. Many women do not know that many men actually prefer fellatio to intercourse. So let us explore just why fellatio is such as blissful and fantastic experience for many men.

A man’s penis has is very sensitive part of a human body. It has thousands of nerve endings, with specific areas that are more sensitive to others. When a man penis is wrapped in a hot and warm mouth during fellatio, we can compare fellatio to intercourse.

When the penis is surrounded and enveloped by a warm wet mouth, it just triggers fantastic orgasmic experiences. During fellatio, a man receives suction from his partner’s mouth as well. Whether the suction is light or deep, it draws blood to the head of a man’s penis, where majority of the nerve endings are.

This increased blood flow to the head of his penis will create sensation that will make a man grasping for air. That is not all. During fellatio, tongue techniques are usually being used by the woman. A variety of tongue techniques at the right place will bring him to orgasms quickly and more powerful than you ever thought imaginable.

During fellatio, the woman should look up to the man to turn him on completely. Men are visual creatures. While women need to be emotionally turned on before they become physically turned on, men can easily get turned on from visual experience. The sight of the woman going down in between his legs and performing fellatio will definitely give him most sensation pleasure that he will ever get.

Now you can see that fellatio is something that really turn men on... find out what are the prime positions that make fellatio both stimulating and visually rewarding...

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