Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why Women Play Hard To Get - Part 1

Sometimes, she plays hard to get because she does not wish you to have an impression of her being a slut if you get her easily.

Just imagine that you are chasing this really gorgeous lady. You tell yourself she is a top stuff, and you will be using all of your 101 aggressive tricks to woo her.

But after you have used your first little trick on her, to your surprise, she agrees to be your girl! What will you think of her? What will be your image of her now when compared to before you start to woo her?

I know guys will usually boast about an easy victory to their friends. During all these boastings, some guys will tend to address easy targets of theirs being sluts, am I right?

See, this is the problem that you are causing it upon yourself. Stop labeling easy targets as sluts, and maybe one day women will stop playing hard to get with you. We must treat women with respect and boosting about a “victory” in this manner is definitely a wrong move.

Therefore you must spare a thought for her. Make her feel that she is important, and not just a typical slut out there. No matter how hard she resists being with you, be committed to her.

You must assure her that she is definitely not a desperate or loose woman. Tell her that if she gets together with you even though both of you just got to know each other for not very long, she is not a slut.

To be continued….

This is an excerpt of my book “29 Reasons Why Women Play Hard To Get”. You can find out more about this book from my author’s resource box below.

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