Tuesday, June 12, 2007

4 Powerful Techniques to Hook Out With Women

In today post, I am going to share with you 4 very powerful techniques that you can use right away to attract any woman that you want. These techniques will improve your game instantly and tremendously if you apply them in the right way.

1. One of the most important techniques that you need to have is to know how to break the ice with women. Breaking the ice is more than just “opening lines”. If you are using cheesy lines like “My eyes are just glued to you!” it probably will not work. Keep your opening line simple. A simple line like “Hey, my name is “so-and-so”, what’s yours?” may do the trick.

2. Next, you cannot show that you are being intimidated by her. You will need to be a bit cocky when you are meeting women. Most gorgeous women have guys coming up to them saying they are beautiful; you will need to be special in order to capture their attention. Instead of getting intimidated by her and falling head over heels for her, keep yourself calm. Treat her like any other woman that you have met before.

3. Apart from being cocky, be humorous in certain occasion. Crack jokes on her and make her laugh. Do not think that because she is so pretty, you do not make fun of her because you are afraid that she may be angry with you. She will not, as long as your jokes are funny, and showing the arrogance in you at the same time.

4. Women like to be leaded. The sixth sense of a woman is very accurate, as more or less she will know what you are thinking about. If you are thinking of having sex with her by inviting her to your house, she will know. She will not openly declare to you that she wants to have sex with you. But she will expect you to lead her into it. Therefore at the end of the day, it is still up to the guy to initiate it. I am not saying to force yourself on her; it is an insane thing to do. Lead her on while respecting her decision.

I have shared with you 4 of the most powerful attraction techniques that you can use right away to improve your dating game. Practice them often and you will definitely see results.

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