Sunday, June 17, 2007

Does Playing Hard To Get Work On Women?

I believe that you have probably met women who like to play hard to get with you, and most of them are probably those gorgeous chicks out there. Do you ever wonder what will happen if you turn the table around and play hard to get with them instead? Do you think they will feel attracted to you?

There are many discussions on whether by applying the “playing hard to get” tactic on women, will you be successful in getting those women that you want? Let me tell you the answer is a definite “Yes”, you just have to play it right.

When you play hard to get with a woman, you are showing to her that you are not intimidated by her, and she will probably feel it too. She will not view you as those typical guys out there, where the first sentence out from their mouth is to praise women that they have met.

Gorgeous women probably have tons of bees around them, and will be very bored to sweet talks. They will expect guys to love them at first sights, and going all out to please them in order to just get their numbers or second dates. But if you really want to be successful with them, you do exactly the OPPOSITE!

When you play hard to get with her in a cocky and humorous way, you will be completely different from those who she had met before. She will be attracted to you, and will want to find out more about you. She will also think that you have the confidence and this trait is definitely a killer to women when it comes to relationships.

Make her anticipate what will happen next, by doing the direct opposite of what other guys do. Women love anticipation, and you can simply do it by confusing them. Throw her the bait, and before she wants to bite it, pull back.

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