Sunday, June 24, 2007

Getting a Girl to Like You When She Has No Interest in Relationships

I bet that many guys like you have met a girl before, who told you that she is not ready for a relationship. There are some reasons why girls tell you this. One of the reasons is that she was hurt before in past relationships, and thus does not want to get into a relationship at this moment.

Another reason is that she is just not interested in you, and is giving an excuse to reject you. Think about it. If you were the girl's favorite male celebrity, wouldn't she take a chance on the relationship? You want to find a girl who will like you enough to take a chance on you. In this article, I will show you some of the best approaches when you meet a girl like those mentioned above.

1. Make known to her that you do not want the relationship either. Play hard to get with her. The easiest way to make a person want something more is by making it impossible to obtain. So when she says she doesn't date, don't dwell on this but move on and say "who cares."

2. If she tells you she is not interested to get into a relationship at the moment after you have told her you like her, forget it. Leave her alone. If she changes her mind, she will come back to you and show that she likes you.

3. You can start building strong friendship with the girl. Strong friendship is a good foundation to strong relationship. If you have similar interests, talk about those. Talk about her interests, activities, etc., but keep it casual at first.

4. Ask her out for dates first, instead of telling her you like her. This will reduce the instances of this kind of response, as well as avoid you losing the respect of the girl.

5. Ask yourself why do you like her? Is it just because of her look? Or you are just serious about her? An attractive girl has probably had lots of guys approach her just for her looks. Having that kind of constant, shallow attention can leave a person feeling isolated, lonely, and misunderstood. It can also leave her doubting her own self-worth if that's the only reason she's approached. Step back a bit and reevaluate what you're looking for. It's unkind to go out with someone just to have a pretty girl on your arm.

Do not put your time on hold and spend all your time on a girl who tells you that she is not interested to get into a relationship at the moment. Go out and talk to other girls, and live your life.

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