Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why is The Tactic of Playing Hard To Get So Commonly Used By Women?

Women are hard to understand, and do not even think of guessing what are they thinking about, you will go crazy, trust me. I know it is hard to take when a woman that you are so eagerly chasing is playing hard to get with you, and you do not know why she does that.

Sometimes, the things women do when in relationships are out of this world, at least not for the men to understand. A man will think that if a woman plays hard to get with him, she is definitely interested in him, just to show that she does not want to seem too easy to get. But is it true all the times? Or is she just simply not interested?

There are just too many reasons and possibilities that why women play hard to get with men during relationships. A few of the common reasons are: 1) They do not want to be seem as easy targets. 2) They want men to treasure them more when they finally succeed. 3) They are simply not interested in the relationships or the men.

Anyway, the best is not to guess them yourselves. You can find out more about the reasons from my book here.

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