Monday, April 2, 2007

How to Act the Right Way When a Woman Likes You

One of the most important things for a man is to understand how to react when he knows that a woman likes him, so that he will not screw up the whole thing and piss the woman off.

So how a man actually picks up the signals? What exactly a woman will do when she is interested? Usually when a woman is interested in you, she will start to do and say things that clearly indicate that they like you. Sometimes it may be a touch, a smile or a compliment.

When a woman clearly signals to you that she likes you, it will be extremely important that

  1. Know how to recognize it, do not act blur.
  2. Do the Right Things, and make her like you more
  3. Do not do what most guys do; do something special which will make her remember.

Women are different from men; they are not consistent in sending signals. Women always act like they are not quite sure about the feeling. And when they so send some obvious signals, most men respond in ways that make those signals stop, which make women more confused.

Women are not consistent, therefore rule number 1 is “Recognize it, and do not take it for granted!” Once you showed that you have recognized her feeling towards you, do not change the way that you have behaved all way long. Do not make her think that you are a different person once you know that she likes you. She will think that your cool, calm and interesting personality is just a cover for your “Typical Guy ways” that was hiding out, waiting for her approval and confirmation.

Rule Number 2 is “Do the Right Things!” Do not screw up the opportunity. Act in ways that can amplify her feeling for you, so that you are on your way to success. Do not just reply “I like you too!” when she tells you she likes you. When she tells you she likes you, reply her “I know”. Build up the atmosphere, and make her feel that you are in control of the situation now.

Rule Number 3 is “to do something special for her, do not do what most guys do.” For example when you are teasing a woman, and suddenly she leans over on you, and tells you” you are funny, I start to like you more.” Now, how are you going to react? Are you going to do what most guys do, by saying “I like you too”? Instead tell her “I know” in a serious tone or “Don’t try It won't work. Go buy me a drink or something... I prefer gifts and money.”

Turn up the heat my friends!

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