Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Nice Guys Can’t Get Women

I am not telling you to be a jerk to women, by beating them up or having affairs behind their backs. Women do not think logically, being too nice and submissive to women will not make them feel attracted to you.

Have you ever come across cases where a guy treats a woman so nice, by showering her with lots of gifts, taking her out for dinners and paying all the bills, always praising her? Then at the end, the woman will usually tell the guy that she only treats him as a friend?

Attractive women have been approached by many guys before, so if you are being the same old nice guy when courting them, they will only find you to be BORING.

The most attractive and interesting women will usually be attracted to men who do not treat them particularly well, and the nicer you are to them, the more they will seems to act like just a friend to you.

So the best way to make women attracted to you is to stop acting nice, and start acting like a confident and mysterious guy, yet funny in some sense. Tease a woman when you first meet up with her. Make comments about her in a confident way, but at the same time try to make her feel the sense of humour in you. This will make them feel that you are not intimidated by them.

When women ask you questions, do not answer them directly. Answer with funny answers and do not give them what they wish to know directly. When you first met up with them, try not to be too occupied in the conversations. Make them feel the “slight arrogance” in you.

Women are attracted to confident guys, especially when they are humorous at the same time. It is important to remember that I am not telling you to be mean, or to be a jerk to women. I am
telling you to start being confident, funny, and mysterious, and you will start to attract more women in your life.

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