Monday, April 30, 2007

Arrogant & Funny Guy Attracts Women

An arrogant and funny guy can attract any types of women that he wants to. Being arrogant and funny makes women laugh with a sense of attraction to you.

Basically there are 2 types of guy. You can the first type where you crack funny jokes and women laugh at you. Or you can choose to be the second type where you crack jokes in an arrogant and confident way, and makes women laugh and feel attracted to you.

So what exactly is the difference between these 2 types of “funny” guy? The key difference is being confident and carries yourself well while cracking making fun of her or cracking jokes to her.

You must know that most laughter is not in response to something that is funny. A woman may laugh with you because she feels attracted to you, rather than because your joke is funny. Think of what most people laugh at, something like a common experience or other million stuffs, where none of them is funny.

So by making women laugh with you, you are actually releasing her tension when out on a date with you, which will make her more comfortable being around with you. This is your perfect chance to build the type of relationship and feeling with the woman of your dream.

Charm her with your humour and make her thinks that you are fun to be with. But please do not do some stupid stuff that makes her see you as a joker. I have seen a lot of guys acting like jokers in front of women, thinking that they will think they are funny. Yes, if you follow what other guys do by acting as a joker, they think will probably think that you are funny, and they will LAUGH AT YOU, not LAUGH WITH YOU.

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