Monday, January 7, 2008

Law Of Attraction In Dating

Men are always trying to find out what are the ways and techniques that they can use to attract the opposite sex. What is the law of attraction when it comes to dating? Women know within a few minutes of interacting with you whether or not you are a sexually confident man. A sexually confident man will really turn a woman on and make you irresistible.

Let me just share with you 4 basic laws of attraction when comes to dating, if you want to make yourself irresistible to women:

1. Know how to carry yourself. Women will be very aware about your body language. Suck in your stomach; hold your head up, chest out, shoulders back. You will generally hold yourself like you are the most powerful person you have ever known. Know how to carry yourself like a manly man and women will subconsciously being attracted to you.

2. Know how to hold eye contact with women. Do not cold stare, or use daring eye glances. Just gently hold her gaze until she looks away. If you know how to make full use of your eyes, they will become the most effective tool for flirting. Hold her gaze long enough to say, “I see you and I like you.” Then throw her a confident smile.

3. Speak confidently and slowly. Learn how to speak from the chest and stomach and not from the throat. Learn how to speak slower and clearly, with a moderately deep voice, which will convey confidence. When you speak too fast, it will seem to her that you are nervous, and it is a turn off to women.

4. Do not rush; slow down your behavior and action. Confident people are not in a hurry. By having lots of fidgeting or nervous behaviors, you are showing insecurity and self-consciousness. Use slow, calculated gestures and movements.

To master these 4 laws of attraction, one needs practice. Go out there and meet more women and practice often. Sooner or later, you will have these attractions in you.


Rona said...

I saw "Matched in Manhattan" and it talks about a lot of the topics you cover in this blog. It's pretty good.

Long Distance Relationships said...

I don't have anyone to talk about this to, so I am very glad I found this site. I hope it helps me make the right decision.

I have been in a long distance "relationship" for a few months now. The guy and me both hate onling dating, but go figure thats how we met. Both our friends/family would not be supportive of this if they knew the truth so we have been telling them we met up this summer. We have been talking online at first, then email, and phone. We used to spend hours on the phone every night. Now its not so much. I want to meet him and see where things go. I really have feeling for this guy, which is crazy to me, but I can't deny it. But with his work schedule he is very unavailable this time of yr. It seems less and less likely its going to happen for us, but I wanna hold on and believe that love can find me. I have waited 2 yrs to find someone decent and worth dating, then I met this dream guy. I want to have faith and believe it will work itself out, but everyone I know tells me if he really was into me he'd make time to spend with me and hang out with me and start a relationship with me.

So I am looking for advice on what to do.

Crid Lee said...

Long distance relationships need a lot of faith, belief, confidence, and clear communication between one another.

Most of the people are not supportive in long distance relationship, but it actually all depends on you.. you are the one who is in love!!

But one thing you must do is to find a day to meet up the dream guy that you have just met.

Tell him online that you gotta meet him... if he is serious about you, find 1 day out of his busy schedule to meet you. I believe he will gladly do so if he is interested in you.

However, do protect yourself. As you are a woman, sometime it will be a little disadvantage when you are going to meet a stranger online.

If after much persuasion and he still rejects from meeting you, there is a high chance that he is not serious at all, and you should really move on so that you will not be hurt in the long run.


relationship said...

good law.Post more law about that matter.

Annie said...

I hope it works for me.

To have prosperity in life you must understand the law of attraction….

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