Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Importance of First Impression in Dating

First impression is a lasting impression, especially when it comes to dating. It is very important to plant a good impression in her mind so that she will feel good about you.

By dressing in a good suit with good table manners, it is a great start to have a good first impression. But there are some other things that a woman will take note of, which will determine the impression that she has on you.

If you behave like a wussy and feel intimidated by her, it will do you no good at all. She will feel that you are just another wussy guy who is trying to woo her, and your chance of success with her is dramatically reduced.

By acting the right way when you first meet a woman, you will definitely bring across to her that you are special. You will show that you are just now those normal, wussy guys out there who stand no chance at all.

Other than acting the right way, having a favorable outing plan will also boost your chance of success with your date. Below are some tips which while planning for a first date:

1. Be punctual. You set the time and venue.

2. Have a backup plan. If you are planning an outdoor activity, do have a plan if it rains.

3. Do not bad mouth your ex-girlfriends.

4. Dress appropriately. Do not over or under dress for the occasion.

5. Do not take too much alcohol, and worse still to get drunk.

Go ahead for your first date with an open and optimistic mind. The objective is to have fun and know her more, at the same time be open to any possibility and rejection. It is all part and parcel of dating.

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Cameron Sharpe said...

"The first date is an excellent time to discuss what you expect from a relationship, your religious beliefs, your morals and where you see your future.Two people on a different path are going to have a near impossible time forming a life, even if there is love.There is more to a relationship than love and passion." I agree and you can find out about another person a lot in the first date, whether you're connected or not, first date says it!

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